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Who We Are

ALFA and Friends Pte Ltd was founded in 2001 as Fun Science Enterprise. In the beginning, we developed the Young Scientists Program for primary school. In 2001, we launched the Little Scientists Program for kindergarten.

Our company advocates learning especially science and mathematics through the best method which is the ‘enquiry and discovery based learning’. This method emphasizes learning science and mathematics through the hands-on and fun way. It is highly important to use the hands on method in teaching science and mathematics due to the fact that children at early age seldom practice most science and mathematics concepts.

Our success story starts when our founder – Ho Teh Eng – a first class honours chemical engineering graduate and a mother of two found out that her son did not enjoy his science lesson in kindergarten. At that moment, she knew that if she did not help him, her son would definitely lose interest in science and failed to master the subject at later stages of his education. She started to do simple experiments and activities with his son at home using day-to-day material. She could see that her son enjoys the magic that he sees during the experiment.

Later, she approached her son’s school to propose and discuss about implementing some hands-on activities in their lesson. The principal of the school acknowledged the importance of having hands-on activities with the children. However, the school faced limitations in terms of not having qualified teachers, teaching aids, science apparatus, age-appropriate materials and many more. It was difficult.

Therefore, in 2002, she realized that if she could create a science educational program that addresses the issues faced by the principals and schools, it would definitely be beneficial to the children. She took a big leap and decided to quit her job to start develop the Little Scientists program.

Today, after more than a decade in the industry, we are proud to have more than 600 kindergartens using the program. Every year, more than 30,000 students have benefited from our program with a presence in countries like Singapore, China and India. We are also the expert in developing science and mathematics programs, school holiday programs, training teachers and educators, creating and producing animations for children. We have many awards and accolades for our great achievements. Among them are 2009 Top 10 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award and 2014 Women of Excellence Award. We are also the finalist in four categories of 2014 The Star Business Awards.


ALFA and Friends International’s vision is a world in which every child attains inquisitive and creative mind through innovative, hands-on and fun educational approach. We want to inspire every child to love learning and we take it as our responsibility to unleash every child potential to become future great scientist, inventor, innovator, engineer, doctor, builder, architect, teacher, economist, or astronaut that makes the greatest impact to the world.



  • To nurture every child to attain inquisitive and creative mind through innovative hands on and fun approach.
  • To unleash every child potential to become great scientist, inventor, innovator, engineer, doctor, builder, architect, teacher, economist, or astronaut that provide the greatest impact to the world.
  • To be the preferred brand in education.
  • To provide the best content and tools to educators.
  • To empower and motivate teachers to become passionate educators.
  • To internalize and love what we do.


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