Science & Math Program

For Toddlers in Kindergarten

Easy fun science & math program for toddlers in kindergarten.
With Hands-on / Sensory Activities & Experiments by Theme, Inline With Montessori Learning Method.

Science & Math Program For Toddlers | ALFAandFriends

Little children are naturally curious about the world around them.

They want to be the discoverers, the experimenters, and the theory builders.

They learn science as they play and explore, building the foundation needed for further learning in early years science.

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.

Dr. Haim Ginott

Toddler Program Structure

The design of this Toddler program is based on everyday science themes. As science is part of our daily lives: all day, every day, everywhere we go! We incorporate easy science lessons and experiments into their daily lives through fun and child-friendly themes. We encourage children to learn science in a fun and carefree way without them realising it!

There are eight everyday science themes in this program. We incorporate animated nursery rhymes, early maths and science activities and experiments through these child-friendly themes.

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 1 | ALFAandFriends

Children are very interested in their bodies. Observing and asking questions about the human body allows young children to explore not only body parts and their functions, they get to relate to identity of a person or a group. Does everyone in my family have the same eyes, hair and skin colour?

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 2 | ALFAandFriends

The beach is a favourite play area for children. Sun, sea, sand and sea creatures are a winning combination. The beach can be your classroom: build sand castles and structures, look for interesting seashell or collect sea water in buckets to search for living creatures. All you need is a few basic tools for these science related beach activities.

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 3 | ALFAandFriends

How can an ordinary backyard be good for science? After all, there’s not much in it. Or is there? Backyards are really labs of life. Even in a small plot you can spend days doing biology, zoology, meteorology, and much, much more!

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 4 | ALFAandFriends

Your kitchen is a great place to study science! Children learn about chemistry and physical changes in materials. What happens when we mix certain ingredients? How does the cake mixture change in the heat of the oven? Let them describe what they observe and taste when they pour, mix and measure!

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 5 | ALFAandFriends

Shapes are everywhere. They are put together to create other shapes. You’ll likely be surprised by the children when they learn their basic shapes. They will see the car wheels as circles and the car body as a rectangle (more of less)!

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 6 | ALFAandFriends

Toddlers delight in pushing wheeled toys across the floor. They make vrooming, zooming and screeching sounds to add to the excitement of their play. They can relate boats, planes and spaceships cruise through the pages of picture books and television programs with the activities in this theme.

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 7 | ALFAandFriends

Water play is one of the most exciting forms of play for young children. A lot of learning can happen while in the bathroom without any formal lessons being taught. The bathtub is a great place to explore maths and science concepts. Why not make your child’s bath time an ongoing science experiment?

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 8 | ALFAandFriends

Swings, slides and climbing frames provide lots of fun. Observe how things move in the playground. Children’s early experiences in physics and science concepts start here. You can turn any playground into a fun-filled adventure in science!

Blended Learning Approach

This Toddler Program adopts the blended learning approach which combines hands-on and online learning experiences. The nursery rhymes, educational videos and interactive games in the Toddler Apps compliment the hands-on learning and enhance the learning experiences. The language and literacy development of the child is further enabled by the multimedia content of flashcards and voice-over. Parents or teachers are being supported by the detailed description to run the activities in each theme.

Science & Math Program For Toddlers 8 | ALFAandFriends

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