Secret Agent: Save The Rhinos Science Camp is suitable for 4 years old and above, and can take as long as it takes to complete all the lessons.

The story begins with Agent ALFA and Friends receiving an urgent mission to save the Rhinos. To complete the mission there are 9 hands-on and a few other extended activities for the new recruited agents (the children)!

Together with ALFA and Friends, agents will go on an epic adventure powered by their vast imaginations and equipped with spy gadgets to defeat the villains. Ride on a rubber band powered car, search for evidence using DIY electric flashlight, meet a stretching Giraffe along the way and listen to the clues, use your binoculars to scan the horizon and locate the villains, climb on rocky mountains, bounce off poisonous bubbles with a specialised glove, shoot the villains with an air cannon, ride a helicopter balloon away to a safe place and finally, do a Roly-Poly dance to celebrate your success!

Through all the activities, agents will not only have fun assembling and exploring spy gadgets to complete their mission but also learn the stories of nine primarily poached animals. Be a sophisticated agent and defeat the villains using our highly anticipated VR-box and bring them to justice. Stop one poacher and break the cycle! With every purchase of your Science Camp box, you are contributing RM 1 to charity. TOGETHER LET’S SAVE THE RHINO!

Secret Agent: Save the Rhinos is ALFA and Friends' this year’s Science Camp effort to instil knowledge and ignite a sense of empathy for the plight of the unfortunate animals around the world. The numbers of wildlife crime have tragically increased over the years.

A lot of action has been taken to control this crime including conservation efforts. But since the demand of the wildlife and animal parts are high, it has become a fortune to some dangerous poachers’ network. Their body parts are illegally traded to satisfy human’s shameless greed. They are turned into trophies, traditional medicine, fur coat, leather bags and the list goes on.

The brutal business has become a threat to the conservation efforts and we have to put an end to this crime. Let’s prevent habitat destruction, illegal poaching and conserve species survival!

The numbers of rhino poaching have drastically rose from 13 to 1,004 between 2007 and 2013, about 7700% increased in percentage in just 6 years! That is a big, scary number indeed.

So what you can do to help? There are many things you can do from the comfort of your own home to help save the animals in need across the world. If you are a more proactive person, there are options for you too! Check out this list, and pass it on to all your friends!

  • Sign up to any Wildlife Crime Petitions to aid Save The Wildlife.
  • Pledge never to buy illegal animal products and advocate for the rights of animals around the world.

  • Donate to Wildlife Foundation.

  • Volunteering for any Anti Poaching Association.

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