Have you ever wondered why children need to learn about colours? Sometimes adults do not see the significant of learning the skill. Do you know that recognizing colours is the foundation for the children to access and learn higher-level skills such as letter recognition and recognizing sight words?

Do not call your children to sit down with you and memorize all the colours. That will not be fun for the children! You need to do hands-on activities with them and provide them with opportunities to have fun learning experiences. To do that, you will need the best teaching aids to teach colours.

Here are 4 best homeschooling teaching aids from STEM Kit (science subscription kit) for you to teach colours to your little ones.

All these age groups that suitable for the science kits listed here are also stated. Children have different interests, so when you are ready to purchase any science kits for them, make sure you choose the ones that are recommended for their age groups.

1. Colour Mixing Kit

Color Mixing Experiments For Preschoolers | ALFAandFriends
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Have you noticed that children love colour mixing? It is so much fun and magical for them to witness two or more colours combined will form a new colour. With a full set of pipettes, test tube and colour tablets provided, children can learn about primary colours and secondary colours. This activity is so simple, yet it is enticing for the children to explore for hours! This is one creative way for your children to recognize colours.

Start with blue, red, and yellow. Then, they can also learn to recognize green, orange, purple, brown, and black. Not only that, but children will also be able to practice their fine motor skills by holding the test tube, pouring water in glasses, dropping colour tablets, and pressing the pipette to mix the colours. This is a perfect exercise for the hands and eye coordination.

You might want to prepare wipe cloth for this one because it can be messy!

2. Colour Mixing Observer Kit

STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #12 : Colour Mixing Observer Kit (1)
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If you want a messy-free hands-on activity, the Colour Mixing Observer Kit is the best teaching aids for your little ones. This is also a good activity to introduce primary and secondary colours to your children. Before that, your children must assemble everything from scratch!

Place the colour mixing observer in front of a white wall and manipulate these observers. Challenge your children to form new colours with the colour mixing observer kit. Place blue on top of red or vice versa and voila, you have a purple colour formed!

Make sure to do this activity in a room with good lighting because these observers will not work in the dark. Are your children interested to know fun facts about colours? Read the comic magazine included filled with fun facts and games!

3. Rainbow Bag Kit

STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #14 : Rainbow Bag Kit (1)
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Tired of messy art? With this kit, you will not have to worry about cleaning after your children are done with the experiment. Rainbow bag kit is the best teaching aids that you can use for homeschooling children. This kit can also be the best sensory bag for children, especially toddlers. So, if you have toddlers at home, do not hesitate to get this kit. You will be provided with red, blue, and yellow colour gels and zip lock bags.

You can do this repetitively because you have more than enough colour gels. This activity is great to help children enhance their colour and pattern recognition skills and fine motor skills. Seal the zip lock bag tightly and make children feel that they can feel safe to do the messy-free experiment.

Before you end the activity, you can sing songs about rainbows such as “All the Colours of the Rainbow” and “I Can Sing a Rainbow”. Have fun with this science subscription kit!

4. Solar System Kit

STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home | Kit #34 (3)
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This is new! Do you know that children can learn about the solar system and learn about colours with this kit? Yes, they can! Children can practice their recognition skills if you use this kit as your teaching aid. Children need to identify what are the colours of the Sun, Earth, and moon. Then, they need to choose which colour do they need to paint the foam balls with to represent Sun, Earth, and moon.

With this science subscription kit, children will also learn how Sun, Earth, and moon orbit around each other. They will need to demonstrate the movement of Sun, Earth, and moon by assembling the templates and using the magnet to make the templates move!

All these teaching aids can be easily obtained by purchasing the kits on ALFA and Friends website. If you are interested to get all the kits as your teaching aids, do not forget to subscribe this science subscription kit. You will save more money, but your children will have different hands-on learning experiences during your Science lesson!

With the different themes for the 40 issues of STEM Kit, they are designed not only classroom teachers, parents but also for homeschool families which explains why all the activities and experiments are geared towards your children’s needs.

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