These days, we can almost get everything online! Everything from clothes to meal delivery services, name it, internet has it all. Nowadays, many companies ease people’s lives by offering subscriptions for everyone (regardless of their age). With the low prices and promotions, they are
irresistible deals! In other words, you are one click away from life with full monthly (probably, weekly) surprises.

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In increasing children’s interest in Science, parents should opt for Science subscription box instead of Science book. These are our reasons!

1- Surprise and Delight Elements

By subscribing Science subscription boxes for your children, they will always be expecting surprises every time your doorbell rings. When the subscription boxes reach your doorsteps, you will see the priceless and genuine happiness on your children’s faces because they know they will have so much fun in unboxing (especially when you will never know what you will get) and doing the Science activities stored in the boxes. Who knows your children could be so excited in learning Science? With subscription boxes that you subscribe based on your own frequency opted, you will never be able to get of the emotional roller coaster adventure. Trust me on that!

2- Hands-on Experiment Kits are Provided

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Dear parents, no more are the adventures in digging inside your storeroom or your kitchen looking for materials needed to do Science experiments! With Science subscription box, you will have a complete hands-on experiment kits provided. All you have to do are unbox the subscription boxes and do the science experiments based on the materials provided. Plus, some Science tools are very hard to find in the market.

You know, the experiment kits that come with the Science subscription box always come with easy-to-brain, step-by-step and age-appropriate instructions. No more giving up on how to do some experiments such as magic snow experiment, skittles experiment and others! Your children will get smarter than they were yesterday in no time! You will be able to answer all the questions bombarded by your children. A hassle-free life, who would not want that?

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3- More Fun than a Book

Yes, Science subscription boxes are thousand times more fun than a Science book! Of course, it is because you will only have stickers, writing activities and questions for Science books but with subscription boxes, you will get more that that. Not only books but also interesting tools. Hey, sometimes if luck is on your side, you might get Science comic book! If you want to teach your children to save the Earth, you will always have an option to go digital.

For subscription boxes, you can personalize and choose what’s best for your children, what can spike their interest in Science or what versions you want to have. But when you buy books, there are organization, levels and topics that the children must do in order to move to the next level or book. You know, being flexible is embracing possibilities.

4- Make Great Gifts

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Thanks to the technology, you do not have to waste time queuing up just to grab a present for your children or watching thousand of tutorials in YouTube on how to wrap gift boxes. You just have to click here and there and wait for the gifts your order to reach at your doorsteps. If you want to be safe, maybe you should go for yearly Science subscription boxes, so you have prepared the children’s gift for their birthday next year! Isn’t it fabulous? Cost and time efficient ideas we have here. Science subscription boxes are unisex, too! Girls and boys out there need to learn Science so whether it is Ahmad, Daiyan, Dewi, Hannah, Lim Ching or Prasad, they can take these as gifts with a happy heart!

Why is it cost-efficient? Do you know that the longer you subscribe a subscription box, the more money you will save? This make it more that perfect gifts for your children! Wait a minute, here’s an idea for you! You can surprise yourselves with these subscription boxes too! Adults are still interested in Science, you know. I mean, just the experiments part, right?

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However, before jumping to any Science subscription boxes, you may want to know more what these subscriptions can offer you, what are the refund policies (this is important) and how much do they cost you. Even if they are a good bargain but it is not suitable for your children, what is the purposes of subscribing to them right? Here is a list of Science subscription box that you can find in Malaysia!

1. SPARK Kit Subscriptions
2. Lollibox
3. Mel Chemistry
4. Wiggle Boks

Final Words

If you are worried to subscribe to a product, why not buy a single box first? Maybe you should try buying a few boxes to know if your children like them or not! If they like them, you know what to do. If not, don’t think over it too much. There are million other ways in learning Science which we will help you to discover them in our blog. We care because your children are our future generation. Without them, there will be no future for us.

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