Animations! Children are growing with it, so do we. It is their main source of entertainment and first source of learning. Here in Malaysia, we have countless animations available that promote children’s learning. If you are allowing some screen-time for your children, these animations could be the best animations that your children have ever seen. They might fall in love with them! In Malaysia, we have seen the animation industry has a massive uprising. 

Here is the list of 5 Educational Cartoon for Kids in Malaysia that improve children’s learning:

1- ALFA and Friends

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The first in our list of education cartoon for kids of course, ALFA and Friends animations. Children will be captivated with the adventures of Alfa and his friends, Piper, Ollie and Patch in discovering the world of science. With their own unique personalities that can be the role models of the children, they solve problems with Science in no time! Float and sink, hot and cold, no problem is too big for them. The fun does not stop here. Want to make your children read instead spending more screen time? Your children can tag along in ALFA and friends’ adventure by reading the comic magazine available. 

Do you know that if you buy any Spark Kit online, you will get an exclusive pass to watch the animations countless times! Animations and learning Science? ALFA and Friends have it all. 

2- Upin & Ipin

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Discover Upin & Ipin, one of Malaysia’s animation series that are widely known by most of the children in Malaysia. The hilarious adventures of Upin and Ipin, the twins in Kampung Durian Runtuh with Kak Ros, Opah, Tok Dalang and their friends make children fall in love with! Not only children, but adults too are enthralled with the animation. This animation has captivated children with the stories of their everyday lives in school and around their neigbourhood with some funny and ridiculous incidents. Because of this, children can relate to the characters. 

Upin & Ipin has been emphasized as one of the learning tools to learn Bahasa Melayu especially for the Indian and Chinese children in Malaysia. Learning language has been taught by memorizing all these while but with the involvement of dramas, cartoons or any media improve the learning better than before.

3- Omar & Hana

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Image Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e9/ea/da/e9eada2ce0006dcc89e9519c134bc9ea.png

Let your children explore and learn about Islam with Omar & Hana! From their animations, they teach Islamic values that are comprehensible for the children, even the little ones that are very young. What is not to love with this animation? These two siblings play and have fun with their parents and friends. Not only animations, they also entertain children with games and education. Omar & Hana can spark the interest of the children to learn about Islam in educational way but also teach the children to learn language, English with songs. Their songs are very catchy and easy to remember. 

Omar & Hana are proven popular among children especially when children are loving all their merchandise available in the market such as sleeping gown for children, school bags and dresses too! Their animations are available in Astro Ceria and their own YouTube channel.

4- Didi & Friends

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Image Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c9/5f/78/c95f785f2ac9f934ba467e96579e8091.jpg

When it comes to Didi and Friends, children will be very excited to sing and meet their characters during events. Singing their songs and watching their animations are a part of millennial children’s childhood. 

The target audience for this animation is children form aged 1 to 6 years old. However, older children are also falling in love with the characters, animations and their songs. Didi and Friends have made a lot of appearances and competitions for children to give them opportunities to have personally have fun with the mascots. When it’s Didi & Friends, mascots are not scary anymore!

5- DinoLingo

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Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/dinolingo/

This is another educational cartoon for kids that is available in Malaysia for viewing. Why is this animation considered as educational? Because these animations teach children different languages such as Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Spanish, Germany and other languages too. 

You can download their apps or watch the collection of their animations in their YouTube channel.

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