Improving the fine motor skills of children are very important because they are the foundation of the basic but important actions or movements that children will be doing. For instance, zipping or buttoning shirts, grasping objects, and even writing too!

Fine motor skills could be enhanced through fun and engaging science experiments. Here is a list of six fun science experiments that can improve your children’s fine motor skills.

Stretching Tortoise

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With this exciting kit, children will need to assemble the Stretching Tortoise from scratch. After that, they can learn about air pressure in the most interesting and funny way. By grasping and handling both syringes to enable the tortoise’s head to go in and out from its shell, the children can practice and enhance their fine motor skills.

If you want, you can also print different animals’ templates such as giraffe and turtle to explore more varieties of animals that have longer necks than the others. Learning air pressure, improving fine motor skills and teaching the children to love animals, this is a kit that every child needs in their life!

Tornado in the Bottles

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Have you ever taught your children about natural disasters? If you are going to, this Tornado in the Bottles kit is the perfect fun science kit for you and your children! This activity involves water, but it might be the chance for the children to understand what extreme weather conditions do to people or in this case, to your kitchen.

So, do not forget to prepare clothes or trays when conducting this experiment. This is a great activity for the children to enhance their fine motor skills because they will use their hands to spin, lock the tubes, make swirls in the bottles, and handle all the tools given in the kit.

Colour Mixing

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This is such a fun science experiment and can improve children’s fine motor skills. With this colour mixing kit, children will be able to use a multitude of fine and gross motor skills such as gripping, squeezing, mixing, sitting upright, walking around, pouring and many more.

Children will be unconsciously doing this to fuel their curiosity on what will happen if they mix blue and red. To make this more interesting, challenge your children to have a challenge to do different shades of colours by mixing the primary colours. After doing this fun science experiment, make sure your children will be able to identify and differentiate primary and secondary colours.

Lego Challenge

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LEGO! This is one of the children’s favourite toys and a must-have for them. LEGO not only can improve children’s fine motor skills, but they also can learn the factors of stability and patterning too.

Children will be able to improve their fine motor skills by building towers with not only one hand, but also with their non-writing hands. Non-writing hand is the hand that they do not tend to use to do something. By building different things, they will be able to exercise their hand muscles and do patterning activities with shapes of LEGO and colours as well!

You should monitor and prompt the children with different challenges to improve their fine motor skills by playing LEGO.

Fizzy Painting

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If it suddenly rain out there or your are not allowed to go outside with your children, you would need a fun science activity to do with your children instead of letting them to have more screen-time and become less active indoors. All you need for this activity are:

  • Baking Soda, Vinegar, Water Colour, Paint Brush, Spray Bottle, Vinegar, Drwaing Block

Let the children mix the water colour with the baking soda and paint it thicker on the drawing block. Draw a rainbow on the drawing paper. Now, when the children are done with the drawing, pour the vinegar in the spray bottle. Spray the drawing with the vinegar and observe how the colours become fizzing! Children will use their hands to do most of the activities in this fun science experiment which will improve their fine motor skills in no time!

Treasure in Slime

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Making slime is a fun science experiment for preschoolers because it improves their hands’ strength while mixing the ingredients and pulling the slime again and again. You want to make slime more exciting for your children? Maybe, it’s time for you to do the treasure in slime activity. Put some small toys such as LEGO and figurines for the children to take those out from the slime. After that, children can start pulling and shaping the slime if they want to.

Now, all these activities will promote children’s fine motor skills by enhancing their hands and fingers dexterity. This will help children to perform tasks easily on their owns. So, are you ready to improve your children’s hands dexterity? Do all these experiments!

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