Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Of course, all children (and adults, too!) are looking for the most special for the mommies out there! Mother’s Day is that one day when a child makes a mess in the kitchen to bake a cake to celebrate, he/she will be forgiven without the mommy’s nagging! 

Your mommies have bought kids monthly subscription for you and your siblings, time to use the skills and knowledge learned from the kits. If your mommies haven’t subscribe the kids monthly subscription for you, you need to persuade your mommies to do so! 

Here’s a list of STEM-inspired Mother’s Day gifts children can make and give. 

1- Changing Colour Flower

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What is more beautiful than flowers? Mommies love flowers, except for some mommies that have allergic on pollens. Dear children, please make sure mommies are not allergic before give flowers to your mommies, okay? It is very easy to make changing colour flowers. Here’s how! 

Materials: Glasses, Food Colourings, Flowers, Water

First, cut one inch of the flowers’ stem. Then, fill the glasses half with water and pour 20 to 30 drops of food colouring in the glasses. After that, dip the flowers in glasses. You will have to wait for a few hours. You will see a wonderful transformation! A wonderful gift for your mommies, the best in the world. Here’s a secret, the more flowers and food colouring you have, there will be more colourful flowers to be given to your mommies.

2- Snowflakes DIY

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You know what other gifts can make mommy happy? Winter in spring season! All you have to do is sink, sink, sink the shapes. Make snowflakes crystal which can last for months, maybe years, if you keep it properly.

Materials: Chenille Stems, String, Alum Powder, Water, Glasses, Food Colouring, Adult Supervision

Shape the chenille stems and tie the string to each of the shapes. Then, pour hot water in a glass and put 2 spoons of alum powder in the glass. Stir well. Don’t forget to pour few drops of food colouring, the darker it gets, the better! You need to make this a few days before Mother’s Day because 1 snowflakes DIY will need 48 hours to make.

3- Lego Frame

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Frames! Mommies love frames, especially frames made by their children! Dear children, collect your Lego now and build the most creative frame in this world. Maybe you should insert a lovely pictures of you and your mom! If you are doing this with your siblings, make sure they are in the picture, too. 

The only material needed for this are you and your Lego. Start a few days before the Mother’s Day so that you can create the most creative frame!

4- Bath Bombs

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Dear children, it will be nice to give your mommies to spend “me-time” at spa. But that will be very expensive for you, little ones. Here’s an idea, bring the spa to your mom. How? Make fizzing bath bombs that your mommies can use when she is taking shower. You can mould the bath bombs into shapes that you like, heart shape, round or square shape. It’s all up to you! 

Materials: 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of citric acid, 20 drops of essential oils, molds, colouring, GLITTERS

Mix everything in a container and mix well. If you want to have colourful bath bombs, separate the mixture and put different colouring in each container. The more bath bombs you have, the more excited your mommy will be! Here’s a secret, if you have any recipes of bath bombs from your kid monthly subscriptions set, use them! It will save your time from browsing in the internet and mommy will not have any idea what you are going to do, too!

5- Eggbox Flower

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Here’s more ideas if you want to give flowers to your mommy. Put all those eggs in a container or in the refrigerator and start colouring those cartons. You need to cut the carton one by one, so make sure your aunts, uncles or your older siblings are there to help you with all the cuttings. You can handle the colouring, instead! 

Materials: Egg Cartons, Water Colour, Brushes, Ribbons

After your egg cartons are ready, combine them into a bouquet and make the stems with paper straws and chenille stems. If you want to be extra, explore your backyard to get some sticks to be the stems. Since the colouring need to be dried outside, make sure to start making this gift a few days before.

6- Solar System Bracelet

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Enough with flowers and frames, let’s make a DIY accessory for mommy. Not a simple bracelet, but a solar system bracelet. Can you remember the order of the planets? I bet you do! Have you ever arranged the solar system in any of your kids’ subscription monthly boxes? If yes, this would be easy, as easy as ABC for you! 

Find beads that have colours that are the same with the planets, for instance, Mars is red in colour, Venus is pale yellow, and Mercury is grey! 

Find a string and a box, and voila! Present your gift to mummy.

P/S: Dear children, remember, you can wow your mommies, grandmother and aunts with these simple yet meaningful ideas on STEM-inspired gifts for Mother’s Day but the best gift for them is… You. Yes, you are special, so no matter what you do or give to them, they WILL LOVE IT! 

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