It is undeniable that the subscription boxes that are available in Malaysia are springing up like the mushrooms. Thus, it leaves parents confused with so many options. That is why you are here! We will help you to list down 7 qualities of an educational subscriptions box for your children. These are the qualities that you need to look for when looking for one for your children.

Educational but Fun

Of course, the first quality should be educational but fun. The educational subscription box must be educational so that you can pique your children’s interest for particular subjects such as Mathematics, Science, language subjects and others. When the content or activities are educational, children must understand that all of the activities are meant for them to learn something by building, creating or assembling things in a fun way and different compared to traditional learning methods that are widely applied in their schools. Educational subscriptions that are fun will also increase the children’s curiosity and expose them to new ideas!


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The second quality that you as parents need to look for in educational subscriptions is, they promote hands-on activities or experiments. Why? At a young age, children will remember more something that they experienced than only learned it. With hands-on activities or experiments provided in the educational subscription boxes, children will be more involved in the process of learning. When the children become an active participant in the learning, they will understand more on the concepts that they should be learning for the activity. For instance, rather than teaching the children traditionally about lungs, children can learn it by creating a lung model to visualize how lungs worked. 

Step-by-step Instruction

As parents, this is a very important quality when you are choosing the right educational subscriptions for your children. Step-by-step instructions are important because when the children could not figure out how to do the activities or the experiments, they will go to you because to the children, you will know how to solve everything. So, it is important for you to have the manuals and the explanation especially when it is related to Science and Mathematics. For these 2 subjects, there will always be an explanation behind the solution for every problem. The educational subscriptions in Malaysia such as STEM Kit have it all, the step-by-step instructions and explanation of every experiment designed for your children! 

Affordable Prices

This might be one of the important qualities that you as parents would consider when choosing educational subscriptions for your children. Even though parents are prepared to go all out for their children’s continuous learning, especially at an early age, there must be a balance between fun, engagement, and affordability. However, when choosing educational subscriptions, investment is needed to be done to see if the children like and are interested in doing the activities of the educational subscriptions that you want to subscribe for them. Do not worry, dear parents. Let me share a secret with you… The longer you subscribe for the educational subscriptions, the more you save! An affordable long-term exciting learning adventure for your children, there is no reason for you to say “No”!

Exciting Themes

Children have shorter attention span compared to adults. Therefore, it is important to keep them curious and excited for new things by selecting educational subscriptions that have different themes for each issue. These themes should be exciting and new for the children such as Egyptian history, bubbles, animals (which will be on top list of children’s favourite), plants, planets, excavation and many more. Different themes for every issue will make the children curious to know what their learning is about for every month from their educational subscriptions chosen by you. Once the children are hooked to the activities or experiments, they will be the one waiting for the postmen to come and deliver their subscription boxes at your doorstep.


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STEM education is the trend now, especially for preschoolers. Why STEM educational subscription boxes? With STEM, your children will be able to cover more learning disciplines and areas such as Science, Mathematics, engineering, and technology (unplugged) with just one single activity. For ALFA and Friends, we have STEM kits as our STEM-oriented subscription boxes that are thematic and hands-on based learning for the children. Not only that, with the comic magazine provided with STEM content in it, it helps the children to understand more on what they are learning about. For instance, by constructing different objects with magic beads, children are able to enhance their fine motor skills and learn about shapes too!

I Want To Subscribe

Monthly Subscription

This is the last quality that you need to check while browsing through a lot of options for educational subscription boxes. You need to make sure that the monthly subscriptions you subscribe will provide a box for each month as long as you are subscribing to it. If you like the educational subscription boxes, subscribe it as soon as possible so that your children will lead a memorable childhood filled with exciting and fun experiments. By doing this, you are giving yourselves a chance to bond with your children, too! 

No matter what are the educational subscriptions chosen by you for your children, we believe that they are the best for your children because no one else knows your children like you do! Are you ready for an adventure? Don’t forget to share your moments with us! 

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