There are times that everyone needs to stay at home for quite some time. Sometimes, it may reach up to 2 weeks or 1 month. We adults can stand staying at home and be a couch potato but not the children. They have a lot of energies that need to be released on something. When they are very active, you better prep yourselves and conduct these exciting indoor STEM activities for kids!

Indoor Activities With Kids | ALFAandFriends

1- Baking Soda Volcano

STEM Activities To Do With Kids | ALFAandFriends | ALFAandFriends

Teach your children about volcano eruption! Anything that will explode or erupt will make the children become very excited. Do you know that we can make a volcano erupt just by pouring vinegar and liquid dishwashing soap in it? Start with doing the volcano with papier mache. With this, maybe you can make the children to sit still for few hours before the volcano erupted. After that, it’s a beautiful chaos in your house with your children running around and screaming, business as usual for the children.

2- Mini Robot Bug

If your children are into robots and technology, this is the right indoor STEM activity for kids. Grab your recycle items, wires, motor and battery cell to start this project. The children will learn about electricity. They will have a lot of fun with bugging and vibrating robots. Some of the robots can also dance if you do it right!

3- Fizzy Orange Juice

Fizzy Orange Soda | ALFAand Friends

Carbonated drinks are not healthy, especially for the children. But there is 1 way on how to make a healthy orange juice to be fizzy as carbonated drinks. Once your children get a taste of it, you have to do it again and again for them, this will be their favourite!

All you need to do are squeeze some lemon or orange juice and mix it with baking soda. Enjoy your fizzy juice!

4- Soda Can Jump

Soda can cannot jump on its own. But, with the power of you puffing air to the can, it will jump over again and again. Learn about air with this mysterious activity. All you need are cans and plastic cups. This is one of the easiest STEM activities for kids and cheapest that you can conduct indoor. If you want, you can do this activity outdoor, too!

How To:

  1. Place the can into a plastic cup.
  2. Put another plastic cup a bit far from the first cup.
  3. Now, blow the can inside the first cup so it will jump to the second cup.
  4. You can make a competition how many cups can the can jump in 5 minutes between the children!

5- Rainbow Density

Rainbow Density Experiment | ALFAandFriends

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If you want to do a water STEM challenge, not necessarily that you have to g outdoor to do it! All you have to do is prepare different types of liquid and pour it in a transparent glass or container. Observe the magical moment as the liquids either stacking on top of each other or sinking down on other liquids. Explore with different liquids that you can find around your house!

Just make sure that the liquids you use are harmless to the children. The secret behind this activity is density. Dense liquids will sink while less dense liquids will float. Are the children able to categorize the liquids based on their densities?

6- Chicken in a Cup

It is very unusual to hear chicken clucking in the morning here in the city, unless you are breeding chickens. Why not help your children to get familiar with the sound of a chicken clucking by doing chicken in a cup as your indoor STEM activity for kids. With this experiment, your house will be so merry with the lovely sound of chickens clucking here and there. Good luck and hope you enjoy the song of chickens! I heard it is not as good as how a chicken taste.

7- LEGO Challenge

Brother and sister in a playing room. Children playing with a lego

LEGO is a very popular toy for young children. Do you know that we can use LEGO to become the tool / material for your indoor STEM activities for kids? Now, you do! With creativity, LEGO and STEM, your children can create wonders. You can do thousand activities with LEGO which will indulge your children in completing the challenge or activity. Include all your family members in the challenge, it will be fun!

With LEGO, you can challenge your children to do pulleys, patterning, rescue mission, transportation and they can make a fidget spinner too! It may look like as games and challenges, but the children are learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics too while completing the challenge.

8- DIY Hanger Balancing Scale

Hanger Balancing Scale | ALFAandFriends

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If you want to teach your children to compare, you will need a balancing scale. If you got one in your house, do not allow the children to use it. Brainstorm with your children on how to do the balancing scale with other different materials that you can find around your house. For instance, maybe you can use hangers.

How to turn hanger into a balancing scale? We leave that to you, parents. Just a tip for you, you have to tie strings at the ends of the hangers and use two pegs to hold the objects. Can your children brainstorm other ways to make a balancing scale? Share your thoughts with us!

All these indoor STEM activities for kids can be conducted anytime. Not only your children will be learning about STEM during their free time but also, they will have so much fun with you! You probably will win the “Best Award for Moms” given by your children without waiting for Mother’s Day to come.

So cool mommies out there, are you ready to let your children experience the best childhood
moments with you in it?

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