Because of the gadgets available for the children, they are glued to them during school holidays and are not interested to go out, explore and running around making childhood memories. These are the times when parents are often looking for holiday activities for the children to make sure they spend their time well, less gadgets, more learn, learn and learn and they are willing to pay for the classes.

If you are a teacher and looking for ideas to do camps for children in Malaysia, you have come to the right place. Here we listed 8 educational holiday activities for school, some ideas that teachers can conduct.

1- Magic Camp

No children will say no to a magic class. To children, magic is everything. They think once they are able to do magic tricks, they will have superpowers to vanish anytime their mommies ask them to do the house chores.

Teachers, if you want to do this, it is better if you learn some basic tricks and sleights before conducting the class. When you master them, then only you will be able to transfer the wisdom to the children that will attend your magic class during the holidays. To make it easier for you, buy a collection of kits to help you to do the tricks. Buy a few more kits too for your class to use them later on.

2- Martial Arts Class

If you know anyone that is good in martial arts, you should invite them to conduct martial arts camp in your school. If you know martial arts like taekwondo, kung fu, silat or karate, you can conduct the camp as well!

For martial arts, the duration of the camp needed to be longer because it has different level that the children need to pass before moving on to the next level. Martial arts camp for children in Malaysia is lesser than we think, most of the camps or classes are for taekwondo. For beginners, 1- or 2-weeks camp should be enough to master some basic techniques.

3- Cooking Class

Adults love to go for cooking class! Children do, too. That is why they are always excited whenever they have a chance to be the assistants to their mommies in the kitchen. Teachers, have you ever watched Masterchef Junior and secretly wishing that you can be Gordon Ramsay guiding the children to cook various of foods just like the participants of the show? Now, this is the time!

Be the Malaysian Gordon Ramsay in your school by conducting class or camp for children in Malaysia. Mould the children to be little chefs. Parents will love to see their children can cook for them occasionally. Remember to prepare simple recipes that involve less fire and more cooking for the children. After cooking class ends, allow the children to bring their cooked food home for dinner.

4- Coding Class

It is important for the children to understand technology that they have around them and know how to work with them. Therefore, all these could be learned from attending coding class. Coding class not only gives the children opportunity to play, control and design their robots but also help the children to improve their communication skill and boost their confidence level.

Teachers, before choosing this as one of your educational holiday activities for school, make sure you know where to buy the robotic kits and application to be used in making the robots. It is not coding class if you do not have the kits. But, if you want to conduct unplugged coding class, make sure the activities planned are interesting and worth the money of the children’s parents.

5- STEM Camp

STEM Camp 2019 - Nation Hero

Teachers, this one of the ideas that you can do as a camp for children in Malaysia at your school, STEM camp. In STEM camp, the activities not only focus to science, but also to technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines too. In other words, the activities conducted will be more advanced than Science camps.

This upcoming STEM Camp conducted by ALFA and Friends for all interested preschools will be about something magical. Remember what the children feel about magic? If you are planning to do STEM camp about superhero, we have what you want too! Do not wait longer, contact us now to know more about our programme.

6- Woodworking Workshop

Yes, you read that right. By conducting woodworking workshop in your school during holiday, you will be able to teach the children that it is okay to make mistakes, but they need to learn from them. Not only that, children will be able to have a basic skill to build and fix things, when it is related to woods.

However, there are many risks that teachers need to take if you choose this activity. If you have enough manpower to keep an eye to the children, be at ease. Another way to keep it safe is to conduct a workshop and involve the children’s parents together too! The children will be so happy to spend some time with their parents building things from scratch.

7- Football Camp

Calling out to all boys and girls! Yes, football camp for children in Malaysia should not be limited to boys only, girls can play too! Parents will love this camp because their children will be running around instead of spending more time for their screen time.

To conduct this as educational activities for your school during the holiday, you need to make sure you are granted for the access to use the field or else, you will be playing elsewhere which is not comfortable and sporty at all. Teachers should make sure that children will learn fundamental techniques such as dribbling, running, passing and shooting the ball throughout the camp. This will promote a healthy lifestyle to the children and inculcate discipline as their values.

8- Language Class

In Malaysia, it is normal for children to be bilingual. Some of the children are even trilingual because of the exposure from their family members and schools too. Conducting language class does not necessarily have to teach a new language. Teachers could also teach known language such as English or Mandarin to enhance their ability to speak in those languages.

If teachers want to step up to a higher level for the language class conducted, teach languages that are popular among the children nowadays which are French and Korean. Some parents would like their children to take Germany class too!

Dear teachers, no matter what educational activities you want to conduct, classes or camps for children in Malaysia, you need to make sure that the content need to be age-appropriate and suitable in Malaysia. Do not forget to make sure that the programmes are cost-efficient, too!

Good luck!

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