The Selangor Book Fair 2020 (PBS2020) will be held at SACC, Selangor starting on February 27. It is an 11 days event and ALFA and Friends will be a part of the events! If you’re attending, please stop by and say hello at Booth P37! We are excited to meet all of you!

1- Spark!

This is the first time we are bringing Spark to Pesta Buku! We are bringing Spark Kit which you can buy in single box, bundle box or even subscription box to save more! The more you buy the more you can save!

We know that kids love our comic magazines! We will sell it during the events! Normally the price for each issue is RM6.90, but for this event you can buy 5 comics for only RM20! What a bargain!!!

2- Mascots

Want to meet ALFA? Or Ollie? They will be joining us as well! Let’s have a chat with them at our booth, we heard that ALFA is brewing new experiment in his lab! You can even take a selfie with them! Below is the schedule of their appearances!

  1. 1 March 2020, Sunday (12pm, 3pm, & 5pm) – Meet & Greet with ALFA
  2. 8 March 2020, Sunday (12pm, 3pm, & 5pm) – Meet & Greet with Ollie

3- Mini workshops

If you want to have a hands-on experience with the guidance from our crew, please join our Science Mini Workshops! We have three workshops lining up!

  1. Magic Corn Workshops – 29 February 2020
    • Session 1 – 12pm -1pm
    • Session 2 – 3pm-4pm
  2. Flubber Soap Workshops – 1 March 2020 & 8 March 2020
    • Session 1 – 12pm -1pm
    • Session 2 – 3pm-4pm
  3. Tornado in The Bottles Workshops – 1 March 2020
    • Session 1 – 12pm -1pm
    • Session 2 – 3pm-4pm

Each workshop session is limited to 10 kids only and of course we encourage parents to join the kids so that both of you will get to experience the science lessons and hopefully you can extend the lessons at home!

Each workshop is RM20 per kid.

4- Happy Hour

An event won’t be as happening if there’s no “HAPPY HOUR”! So, we will bring you your HAPPY HOUR! When is it? We will bring the HAPPY HOUR on every weekend, 12pm – 3pm. If you want to know what items will be part of the HAPPY HOUR time, do come to the event and find out!

5- Online Promotions

Yes, you read it! We also have an online promotion BUT it is only eligible for the event visitors only! We have a special promo code for those attending this event!

6- Clearance sale

We are clearing our old stock items and make way for new ones! Discounts up to 50% Off on all clearance items!

7- Competition

Do you love to selfie? This is the time for you to shine! We are excited to invite you to join our Master of Selfie and Snap & Win competitions as we have amazing prizes for you to WIN!

8- No plastic bags

In conjunction with the organiser initiative to “No Plastic Bag” campaign, we would like to encourage you to bring your own shopping bag! Yes, if you purchase anything from our booth, we will not be providing any plastic bags as we would like to support this cause! By bringing your own shopping bag, you are saving our planet. We can assure you that the animals in the ocean and forest will thank you for not polluting their habitats.

So, let’s save our planet by bringing your own shopping bag and reduce the use of plastic bags!

There you go, we have listed all the reasons on why you shouldn’t miss this event. So, spare your time this 27th February-8th March 2020 at Pesta Buku Selangor 2020, Shah Alam Convention Center and experience exciting activities at ALFA and Friends booth (Booth P37). We can assure you that you won’t be going back empty handed!

See you at the event!

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