About the ALFA and Friends Company

ALFA and Friends (745426-P) is a leading provider of STEM-focused preschool education programmes. Our vision is to inspire and empower every child to love learning and we work internationally with school communities, school leaders, teachers and parents, grounded in the learning development of children. Our people, programmes and services support strong client focused relationships through our four organizational pillars; ALFA and Friends Education, Academy, Insight and Foundation. Our future is driven by integrated programmes programs and services that blend physical and digital, hands-on and virtual experiences with content, knowledge, and information platforms that support, develop and enhance teaching and learning.


To Inspire and Empower Every Child to Love Learning

Where are we located?

Maths & Science Activities Provider For Kindergarten | ALFAandFriends

Our headquarters is located in Singapore with directors in Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

Our regional development team is situated across three locations in Malaysia and Australia.

Our clients and partners are in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Our development and research partners come from several worldwide locations in Asia, United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA).

Why We Do What We Do?

01 All children, especially the young ones have the right to a quality early childhood education, care and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education

02 To provide a high-quality pre-primary education to equipped the young children with all their needs

03 To inspire every child to love learning is a part of our obligations

We are committed in supporting the global efforts in development and building opportunities for individuals and communities to engage in this journey.

We deliver through these four pillars


Lifelong Love of Learning

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ECCE Professional Learning

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Research to Guide Practices

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Giving Back

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We provide Maths & Science activities for kindergarten

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