5 Colour Mixing Activities for Preschoolers


I think everybody knows how much children love colours. Colours are attractive, it symbolizes fun and happiness. Colour mixing is a popular idea among children and parents alike as it requires no planning whatsoever.

Moreover, the nature of colour mixing activities simultaneously incorporates arts and science so there is literally nothing to lose when you try these activities, especially with preschoolers. Note that it can get a little bit on the messy side… but the pros outweigh the cons so the mess is definitely worth it!

Here are 5 fun colour mixing experiments for preschoolers to indulge in:

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1- Colours in a Jar

Color Mixing Experiments For Preschoolers | ALFAandFriends 2

All you need is coloured water (red, blue and yellow) and a jar. Next, simply mix two different coloured water in a jar and watch as a new colour is formed! This is the perfect activity to teach preschoolers about primary and secondary colours.

Learning about colours by mixing them should be a simple yet fun activity for preschoolers. This is one of the activities that is featured in our Little Scientists programme.

2- Rainbow Bag

Color Mixing Experiments For Preschoolers | ALFAandFriends 3

Photo Credit: https://rainydaymum.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Rainbow-Sensory-Bag-10.jpg

The only things you need for this activity are a few zip lock bags and a watercolour paint set. Squeeze the colours red, blue and yellow into a zip lock bag and let the child have endless fun squishing the bag, watching the colours mix in the bag. As easy as that, they’ve created their very own rainbow!

3- Colour Mixing Observers

Color Mixing Experiments For Preschoolers | ALFAandFriends 4

I did warn you about the mess, but this one is completely mess-free! Instead of using paint to show the mixing of colours, you can use red, blue and yellow film plastic sheets to make colour mixing observers. A better idea is to purchase our Spark Kit in which these observers are given, together with an array of scientific materials that are perfect for children to play, explore and learn from.

Apart from that, this activity is also found in our Little Scientists programme; specifically for 6 year olds to gain knowledge on colours and scientific theories.

4- The Travelling Colours

Color Mixing Experiments For Preschoolers | ALFAandFriends 5

Photo Credit: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/VLNU8ZGKp8A/maxresdefault.jpg

The preschoolers will be completely mesmerized doing this activity. All that you need are paper towels and six jars or transparent/see-through containers filled with coloured water. Start by filling half of three jars with coloured water of primary colours (red, blue, yellow). Once done, place the jars alternating each with empty jars. So, the pattern would look like:

 red jar-empty jar-yellow jar-empty jar-blue jar-empty jar

Next, place the paper towels so it links all the jars as shown in the picture above. Wait for a few moments and the coloured water will start absorb through the paper towels and travel from one jar to another, making secondary colours in the empty jars.

5- Handprint Colour Mixing

Color Mixing Experiments For Preschoolers | ALFAandFriends

This is all you need: pieces of paper, a pair of hands and paint. Simply ask the children to paint their hands with different colours and clap, clap, clap! From doing so, they are mixing the colours in their hands and next, they can even stamp the palm of their hands onto paper to reveal beautiful and unique hand-painting art! This activity should be a favourite among younger preschoolers because it allows them to explore colours through a very hands-on and messy experience (which is what most toddlers love!).

If you are looking for more exciting science-related, easy and hassle-free colour themed activities for preschoolers, there will be more to come! Give the ones listed here a go and tag us on our Facebook and Instagram: @ALFAandFriends , we might just give you a shout out…enjoy!

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