3 Magical Science Experiments For Stage Performance

Knowledge is amazing! The application and manipulation of knowledge can lead you to many unexpected things. Science is magical! To attract audiences, of course the first thing we need is creative ideas for stage performance.

These are 3 magical experiments of creative ideas for stage performance that will blow you away! Check this out:

1- Volcano Eruption

Creative Ideas For Stage Performance | ALFAandFriends

Photo Credit: https://www.tiverton.bham.sch.uk/volcano-eruption-experiments/

This is a widely known experiment but the audience never gets tired of it. No matter how many times we did it, it’s still amazing and fun. What’s better is volcano eruption can be done using simple materials like vinegar and baking soda. The chemical reaction between these two leads to volcano eruption. Add some colours and you will see colourful lava come out of it. Wonderful, isn’t it? Other than the reaction itself, the props we use to build the volcano contributes a lot to the appearance of your volcano.

2- Rocket Launcher

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Photo Credit: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/OVrbELG2xjc/maxresdefault.jpg

Well, there’s a common saying that says, ‘it’s not rocket science’ which implies that it is complicated. However, this experiment is very simple and easy to do. The simplest way to do this experiment is by using water and a Panadol soluble tablet. Just use a small container like a film canister, fill it with water then put in the panadol tablet. Then, seal it as quick as a flash and put it upside down on the ground. Be quick! It might explode in your hand. Try this out and mesmerize your audiences.

3- Fireworks Underwater

Creative Ideas For Stage Performance | ALFAandFriends 3

Photo Credit: http://e993.com/forex/Hypothosis-Fireworks-in-a-Jar-Science-Project/

The real firework in the sky is a moment to capture, right? It’s beautiful! What about a firework underwater? Is it even possible? It is possible but we cannot use fire since it doesn’t really get along with water. So how do we do it? Prepare two clear glasses, try to find long glasses if you can. Fill one of the glass with water then put a few spoons of oil into another glass. Just a few spoons, okay? Then, put a few drops of food colouring into the oil before stirring it quickly until it turns into colourful beads of oil. Lastly, just pour all the oil into the glass of water. Enjoy your fireworks!

Those are the creative ideas for stage performance. Make sure to try it and capture your audience’s attention! Or maybe you can be a part of the crowd! Spend some meaningful time with your children and excite them by joining our Spark events and parenting workshop.

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