Hands-on activities for enrichment programme for kindergartens are the hardest to brainstorm because we need to make sure the activities could last for 1 up to 2 hours and what are the kits that can be provided.

Since we are suggesting for hands-on activities for enrichment programme for kindergartens that even toddlers (3 years old) can do, we need to be very careful in planning the lessons because at this age, everything goes into the mouth. But for the older children (4 years and above), they are manageable because they are able to differentiate which are food and which are not.

Here is the list of some hands-on activities for enrichment programme for kindergartens that can
be easily planned and conducted with the children!

1- Salt Painting

Teachers, you can always do this as one of the activities for enrichment programme for kindergarten. If you have 3 years old in the classroom, pair them up with older children and monitor them closely throughout the lesson. You know, this activity is similar with the one where we put coloured sand on a shaped sticker.

These are steps on how to do this activity.

Materials: Glue, Black Papers, Salt, Paint Brush, Water Colour

  • Form a drawing by using the glue on a black paper.
  • Pour salt on top of glue and leave it for a few minutes so the salt will be sticking on the glue.
  • Then, take out your brushes and start putting colours on the salt.
  • What happens? Let us know by snapping your photos and tag us in Facebook and Instagram!

2- Bubble-Related Activities

Bubbles captivate the children’s attention. To children, bubbles are magical, floating and fascinating objects that made by puffing air and for them to chase and pop it away. With bubbles, a lot of experiments can be conducted as one of the enrichments programme for the kindergarten. Enjoy our magical of bubbly list and have fun popping bubbles with these activities.

3- Colour Mixing

For daycare centres, of course you would love to choose interesting activities that only use the basic items that can be easily found in your classroom. Well, if you have a collection (or a box) of water colours and plastics, you can pull this one as one of your enrichment programme in

Playing with colours are not necessarily have to be messy! There are three activities that you can minimize the mess but maximize the excitement!

4- Building with Magic Corn

Purchase Magic Corn Kit

Children are filled with wild imaginations that sometimes surprised us adults. Give them opportunities to visualize their imagination with magic corns. Teachers, all you have to do is prepare a few damp sponges, get magic corns and voila! Start building, junior builders. Believe me, children can spend hours doing this, provided they have enough magic corns.

Building activity with magic corn does not only promotes fun hands-on learning but it helps the children to understand more about structures and improves their fine motor skills.

But teachers, children don’t do that! All they see is fun building activity. It’s a win-win situation for teachers and children.

CAUTION: Magic corns do not taste good, so make sure the children don’t eat them!

5- Slime

Purchase The Slime Kit

Have you tried making slime in your daycare centre? This activity is a must try! The children will have fun squishing and stretching the slime. They could have fun with the funny farting sound produced when you squeeze the slime, too! Rainbow Bag Walking Water Colour Mixing Observer

There are many ways to make slime, some do it without borax and some with it. It is very easy to make slime and a cool activity to do as enrichment programme for preschool. If you don’t know where to get the items, some companies out there provided kits to make slime!

6- Bath Bombs

Do you know that not only adults are attracted to bath bombs? Children do, too! Because make DIY bath bombs are so much fun, there is nothing not to love about it. They can mould different shapes and play with bubbles after they are done making it. If you do it just right, probably your DIY bath bombs will smell good. These are the steps in making your own DIY bath bombs.

Materials: Baking soda (100 grams), Citric acid (50 grams), Corn starch (2 tablespoons), Baby oil (10 tablespoons), Food Colouring

  1. Pour the baking soda, citric acid and corn starch in a container and mix them well.
  2. Pour the baby oil in different container.
  3. Put a few drops of food colouring in baby oil and mix the solution.
  4. Pour the solution into the container of the powders and mix the mixture.
  5. Now, mould your bath bombs to any shapes you like.
  6. Leave it for an hour or two for it to harden.
  7. Drop the bath bombs into your bathtub and bubbly shower you will have!

Enjoy your shower! Share your bath bombs’ pictures, tag us in our Facebook!

7- Fake Snow

Have your ever dream that we will have a winter wonderland here in Malaysia? Wherever you are, now it is possible to have winter whenever you want! How fun is that? Winter is not winter without snow; all we have to do is fake snow to have a fake winter.

Psttttt teachers… This creative fake and instant snow will create hours of fun for the young ones. This activity is a good one for sensory play too, especially for the 3 and 4 years old. Your children will definitely have fun making Olaf under the sun!

Materials: Baking Soda (3 cups) & Hair Conditioner (1/2 cup)

Mix the materials needed and voila! Snow that will not melt under the bright sun. Olaf, now you can live your life!

8- Colour Matching

Last but not least, another activity that you can do with your children in your daycare centers is colour matching activity. To guarantee a motivated class, I would highly suggest you use foods (such as jellybeans, skittles, marshmallow and gummy bears) for this activity. You can have eating party after the activity.

Sorting activity is my favourite because it takes only a few minutes of preparation but you can enjoy hours of silence in your classroom (because the children are busy sorting) in return! It may seem like an easy skill but when they sort these objects or foods, they are analyzing, making relationships and improving their logical and critical thinking.

There are many objects to sort other than candies, they are…


With this list, you will get to plan a 7-days planning for your daycare center without a headache, cracking your heads to brainstorm activities. If you want to know more activities, make sure to like and follow our Facebook page!

ALFA and Friends will always be here, helping teachers and parents to bring your children to exciting adventures every day while learning and exploring!

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