80 Mind-Blowing Experiments

The kit allows your young scientist to explore, learn & have a great fun with their very own STEM kit set. Various STEM experiments are available for your children to spend hours and hours on educational hands-on STEM learning.
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Who says raising science-minded children means neglecting other areas of learning? Our STEM-themed storybooks say ‘no’.


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Make up for lost learning time with our STEM Kits – fully providing you with the materials, instructions, and videos on how to easily do the experiments at home.


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Made For Learning At Home


  • BUY 5 AT RM 95

    STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #35 : Rubber Band Car

  • BUY 5 AT RM 95

    STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #24 : The Stunning UV Beads

  • BUY 5 AT RM 95

    STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #5 : Tick-Tock The Clock

  • BUY 5 AT RM 95

    STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #11 : Pot The Plant

  • BUY 5 AT RM 95

    STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #28 : Balloon Powered Car Kit

Bring Learning Home


When you subscribe to our STEM Kit, you are giving your child the opportunity to develop essential STEM knowledge, skills, and values at an early age. Be our subscriber today and we promise you that the best and most engaging hands-on STEM learning resources will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

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  • Monthly STEM Kit Subscription For Kids – Kit #1 to #40

  • BUY 5 AT RM 95

    STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #39 : The Slime Kit

  • SuperHero Exploration Kit Subscription

  • Spark Storybook with STEM Kit – A Camping Misadventure with Mr. Slime

  • Comic Magazine Box Set



Discover how parents are enjoying our STEM Kits

Thanks to @alfaandfriends for created this Spark Comic Magazine. It fulfill their curiosity and neuron connected... Yeay!

Puan Najla NajahWorking mother

Bestlah buat eksperimen dengan SPARK kit by Alfa and Friends ni. CN, Dhia dan Irfan buat eksperimen dengan SPARK kit ni je. Mudah & menyeronokkan. Teruja Dhia bila dapat hasilkan warna2 pelangi. Irfan pula dapat hasilkan corak yang cantik. Tak sangka kreatif pula anak bujang sorang ni. Komik sains yang berwarna warni, penuh informasi yang mudah difahami & pertam a di Malaysia tau!. CN tak pernah jumpa lagi komik macam ni. Barulah menarik minat anak-anak untuk belajar sains.

Puan NorazimahTeacher

Aku dapat lihat pembentukan personaliti mereka dari situ. Ketawa bersama, belajar bersama dan bermain bersama, sesuai dengan tema Spark ni; SPARK THE MOMENT, SPARK THE TALENT and SPARK THE INTEREST. Momen terindah seorang ibu ialah apabila melihat anak-anak tersenyum gembira, ketawa tanpa sengketa. ☺

Puan Faridah NoorExecutive

Our STEM Kits, Toys, Comics, And Storybooks
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Searching for ways to bring STEM learning into your home? Spark by ALFA and Friends offers a wide range of hands-on STEM home learning materials such as science experiment kits and science-themed storybooks that help you to foster an engaging STEM-focused learning environment at home. Be our subscriber today and your child will enjoy new and different STEM kits every month!

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