Homeschool is an education of the children that is conducted at home by parents. This is considered as an alternative way of education in Malaysia where parents are able to supervise their children’s education fully at home. Other than that, parents can teach their children based on their own preferences.

This has been quite an increasing trend amongMalaysians, showing a constant growth throughout the years. What are the reasons for the parents to choose this alternative instead of sending their children to regular school which is equipped with an extensive curriculum along with trained and experienced teachers?

To counter this question, let us look into the reasons that drive the parents to choose homeschool as the main education for their children. One of the reasons is related to education system itself. The education system is changing frequently through the years which cause the parents to be unsatisfied and their children are not ready to accept and adapt with new syllabus. The children are also burdened with homework across the subjects.

The next reason is religious belief and family values. This seems to be related with the education system where there is lack of religious and moral integration in the syllabus offered by the public school. The parents had to send their children for additional religious and moral classes to make sure that their children grow and learn to be a holistic individual.

Another reason that parents choose to homeschool their children is the social issues among students in and out of school like bullying, peer pressure, and vandalism. The increasing rate of bullying especially terrifies the parents because it has become out of hand and yet it is not being handled properly.

These reasons are derived from a survey of questionnaire and interviews conducted by a group of researchers from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn in the year of 2015.
The respondents of the survey are highly educated which is the highest at Master level that counted to 13 persons between the ages of 36 to 45. Their resident area is in urban area and their total monthly income of husband and wife ranges from RM8001 to RM10000.

This indicates that parents play an important role in deciding the education for their children. When homeschooling has become a preference for the parents, how about their children? Is homeschooling ideal for every child?


Fateemoh Salaeh

Curriculum and Programme Developer at ALFA and Friends

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