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In a world where most countries have agreed on the sanctity of early childhood education, there still exists significant demand for progress to enable approximately 175 million children worldwide to access this experience

Touching Every Heart

Our focus is on securing the future for those we can help in a way that aligns with the most fortunate irrespective of location, gender, race, or economic circumstance. We take children and teachers on a journey of discovery and adventure that supports the aspirations of themselves and their families to take their rightful place as global citizens in the 21st century

Adopt A School

We plan to adopt schools and work directly with the teachers and parents in providing early years education.

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Adopt A Community

We work closely with passionate volunteers in expanding our areas of coverage.

If you are interested to be a volunteer:

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Engage Local Stakeholder

We engage local NGOs, charity foundations,  corporations, community leaders to join forces in reaching more children

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Capacity Building

We train teachers and volunteers  in STEM education internationally to reach out to more children.

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We provide resources to enable effective teaching and learning of STEM education


We award scholarships to qualified and deserving Master students in the field of Early Childhood Education.

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