Join over 16,500 children learning maths the fun way!

We Provide Strong Foundation In Maths
For Your Child's Future Success!

270 hands-on Mathematics lessons

40 hands-on materials across 3 levels

60 mins fun engaging weekly online class

Bilingual and full colored workbooks

500 pages of maths mastery worksheet

1000+ Online Resources

12 Children Progress Reports per Year

Certificate of Completion

Reward system to motivate learners

Math Competitions

How Will ALFA and Friends Maths Benefit The Childs

Give Early Exposure To Mathematics And Numbers

Hands-on activities enable your child to visualise, subitise and understand mathematics concepts. It also creates opportunities for them to practice and reinforce what they have learnt through the fun games and activities.

Encourage Active Learning In Mathematics

Hands-on and fun learning sessions motivate your child to volunteer themselves actively to participate in classroom learning.

Build A Strong Foundation In Mathematics

Basic concepts of mathematics and number sense utilized in class set the foundation for learning advanced mathematics in school.

Develop Confidence In Mathematics

Successful early experiences in mathematics have a powerful effect on your child’s confidence — leading them to success in Maths.

Every lesson is hands-on and fun!

Fullfill KSPK & KSSR and align with Singapore Maths

Programme Structure

ALFA and Friends Maths has a structured and sequence design with hands-on learning activities that are effective in guiding children to progress in their learning, making mathematical connection and building a strong number sense.

Spiral Curriculum

The 3 levels of spiral curriculum design will strengthen your child numeracy skills and build a strong foundation for future success in mathematics.

CPA Approach

ALFA and Friends Maths apply the Concrete, Pictorial to Abstract approach (CPA approach). The hands-on experiential learning enable children to visualise the mathematic concepts from varies mathematical apparatus, models and charts.

Let Your Children begin on The Right Path!

Get started with an accurate 20 minutes FREE Diagnostic Test in our centre(s). Our well-trained teacher will recommend the level suitable for your children based on 4 aspects of numeracy skills (number knowledge, magnitude comparison, number combination, quantity knowledge)  

We choose the best teacher for your children!

We choose the best teacher for your children!

Join over 16,500 childrens learning maths the fun way!