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Mathematics for Kindergarten

Mathematics (maths) is an important part of learning for all children in the early years and receiving a good grounding in maths is an essential life skill. Beside learning about numeracy, children learn other skills such as patterning, spatial, measuring and problem solving. Introducing maths to children from an early age helps to develop their understanding of all elements of problem solving and reasoning in a broad range of contexts. A strong foundation in maths provides future success in elementary school and beyond.

Mathematics is More Than Numbers!

Mathematics is part of our lives… in whatever we do, wherever we go. We are using mathematics without realizing it. Mathematics has many dimensions, it can be numeral, geometry, measurement, time, patterning and many more. It exists naturally.

How will Euler Maths Program
Benefit the Child?

Give early exposure to mathematics and numbers

Hands-on activities enable your child to visualise, subitise and understand mathematics concepts. It also creates opportunities for them to practice and reinforce what they have learnt through the fun games and activities.

Encourage active learning in mathematics

Hands-on and fun learning sessions motivate your child to volunteer themselves actively to participate in classroom learning.

Build a strong foundation in Mathematics

Basic concepts of mathematics and number sense utilized in class set the foundation for learning advanced mathematics in school.

Develop confidence in Mathematics

Successful early experiences in mathematics have a powerful effect on your child’s confidence — leading them to success in Maths.

Euler Maths Program Structure

Euler Maths is an hands-on and play based three-year program that engages young learners aged 4 to 6, in building a strong foundation in maths. It focuses on visual understanding, connections and number sense, in order to develop children’s mathematical concepts.

Across three years, learners engage playfully with maths concepts, skills and behaviours through 270 experiential fun-filled lessons. Each year of the program is comprised of two terms, with 45 lessons each term, to be taught in 15 weeks (3 lessons per week). This spiral curriculum design allows learners to develop confidence and proficiency in Maths and build a strong foundation for success in maths.

Math Program For Kindergarten - Euler Maths Structure | ALFAandFriends
Math Program For Kindergarten - Euler Maths Tagline | ALFAandFriends

Euler Maths Curriculum Standard

Mathematics is the foundation of science, children need to have a good foundation in mathematics in order to excel in science, technology and STEM related subjects. It is also crucial to teach mathematics in a sequence and structured way as the children acquire the mathematical concepts and skills progressively from basic to advance.

In designing our Euler Maths curriculum, we have looked at research findings and the leading practices of effective kindergarten teachers for the most beneficial sequencing and timing of this maths curriculum. As a mathematics curriculum for the early years, we use the play based hands-on approach that engages young children in making sense of the numbers, quantity and symbols. This Euler Maths programme prepares young children early exposure to basic maths topics, ie. numbers, money, fraction, measurement and geometry, and ensures their readiness toward learning higher mathematical concepts.

Across this 3-years programme, young children build up early mathematical concepts and skills through purposeful play and experiential learning. These learning experiences help them to relate abstract mathematical concepts and skills with concrete experiences, and make mathematics learning fun and meaningful.

Math Program For Kindergarten - Euler Maths Topics | ALFAandFriends

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What’s Included

Lesson Plans
Math Program For Kindergarten - Euler Maths Lesson Plan | ALFAandFriends

Teachers will have a comprehensive yet easy to follow lesson plans. It helps teachers to understand what to expect, what to prepare, and how to approach a lesson.

Teaching Aids
Math Program For Kindergarten - Euler Maths Teaching Aids | ALFAandFriends

Teachers will have a set of teaching aids for them to teach effectively. Hassle free ready to use resource materials are sorted and packed in a systematic way. With the provided resources, teachers can begin the maths lessons instantly.

Professional Development

We support and develop teachers classroom practices through our continuous professional development program twice a year. Find out more about Maths professional development program for kindergartens’ teachers

Student Kits
Math Program For Kindergarten - Euler Maths Student Kits | ALFAandFriends

Each child will have his/her own hands-on activity kit to work on during the lesson. After the lesson, they can bring it home for further practice or to share with their parents what they have learned.

Activity Books
Math Program For Kindergarten - Euler Maths Activity Books | ALFAandFriends

Children get to further practice what they have learned in the lesson on the illustrated pages along with the maths kit.

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