Comic Magazine Box Set


? The FIRST STEM Comic in Malaysia by ALFA and Friends now available in a box set with a series of 40 Comic Books For Kids.

? A 32 pages of full coloured STEM based comics and content tailored for 4 to 9 years old.

?Spark the children’s love toward learning science while reading.

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ALFA and Friends Comic Magazine Box Set

Stocks available as per listed and ready to ship out quicker.

Price is for all 40 issues.

Let your kids discover and explore every issue of Spark comic which includes:

? ALFA and Friends animation
? DIY Experiment
? ALFA’s lab
? Crossword puzzle
? Find what’s missing?
? Fun Facts

Now, your kids can have their own science laboratory at home complete with step-by-step on how to conduct the DIY experiments in the comic.


ALFA and Friends Comic Magazine

Issue #1: We Learn The Fun And Simple Way!
Issue #2: We Use Our Ears To Listen!
Issue #3: Animals Are So Unique
Issue #4: Let’s Explore The World Around Us
Issue #5: Vegetables Are Healthy
Issue #6: Get To Know Your Body
Issue #7: Play, Explore And Learn
Issue #8: Travel Around The World
Issue #9: Let’s Take Care Of Ourselves
Issue #10: How Tall Can We Get?
Issue #11: Does Apples Grow In Our Tummy?
Issue #12: Music And Colour Festival
Issue #13: Tour To The Backyard
Issue #14: Into The Colourful World
Issue #15: Let’s Make The Earth Green
Issue #16: The Science Behind Magic & Tricks!
Issue #17: Get Your Hands Busy!
Issue #18: Can You See The Stars?
Issue #19: Discovering Their Teeny-Tiny World
Issue #20: Can You Spot Them?
Issue #21: Can You Sense It?
Issue #22: Keep Your Balance!
Issue #23: Living A Healthy Lifestyle!
Issue #24: There’s Something Following Me!
Issue #25: Do Plants Eat And Drink Too?
Issue #26: What Is In The Forecast Today?
Issue #27: Where Has The Ice Gone To?
Issue #28: Let’s Have A Race!
Issue #29: Learning At The Campfire!
Issue #30: Where Are They Disappearing To?
Issue #31: I Feel Something Is Pulling Me!
Issue #32: Love Is In The Air. What Else?
Issue #33: Exploring The Animal Kingdom
Issue #34: It Is Space Time!
Issue #35: Let’s Travel Back To Ancient Times!
Issue #36: Let’s Find The Criminal!
Issue #37: Everyone Can Be A Scientist!
Issue #38: Under The Magnifying Glass!
Issue #39: Let’s Explore The World Around Us
Issue #40: Technology Makes Our Life Easier!


Total Pages : 32 pages in full colours

Cover Type : Paper Back

Binding Type : Saddle Stitch

Dimension (Approx) : 13cm (Width) x 20cm (Height) x 1cm (Thick)

Publisher : Fun Science Sdn. Bhd.

First Print : April 2019

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Weight2400 g

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