Spark Storybook with STEM Kit – A Camping Misadventure with Mr. Slime


Spark Storybook for kids 

This time, Alfa and his friends go camping in Summer Forest but what they don’t know is what lies deep within the forest – a strange and odd-looking creature. Suddenly, Ollie hears a noise! What could it be? They get closer to find out but what they see next is not quite what everyone thought it would be…

Follow Alfa and his friends as they embark on a less than ordinary camping trip that will surely be remembered for a lifetime.

What’s Inside The Box

Storybook for Kids | ALFAandFriends (3)
Raise The Five

Learn about chemical reaction and inflate the glove for a high five!

Glow In The Dark Jar

Assemble and activate this kit using sunlight to help you see in the dark!

Steam Powered Boat

Get on the deck and learn how a boat works in ancient times!

The Aromatic Candle

Make your own candle with good smell to spread good vibes in the air!

The Slime Kit

Heighten your sense of touch by kneading and playing with the slime!

Spark Storybook

Get to know Mr. Slime, discover his friendliness and learn not to judge a character based on their appearance!

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