STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #5 : Tick-Tock The Clock


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Try to work on the digital clock using the Tick-Tock The Clock, STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home!

What’s Included:

+ ALFA and Friends Comic Magazine Issue #5

+ Plastic Cups

+ Metal Rod

+ Copper Rod

+ Connecting Wire

+ Digital Clock

+ Adhesive Tape

What time is it? Create your own fruit clock with the Tick-Tock The Clock!

  • A fruit clock is powered by acid within the spud reacting with positive and negative electrodes.
  • When the reaction occurs, electrons flow through the materials, generating an electric current.
  • Expose your kids to chemistry at early age 
  • Suitable for kids age 6 and above.


Additional information

Weight200 g

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