SuperHero Exploration Kit Subscription


For SuperHero Exploration Kit 3 Months Subscription, You Will Get:

1st Month: SuperHero Exploration Kit: Earth Hero (9 Experiments & Apps)

2nd Month: SuperHero Exploration Kit: Secret Agent (9 Experiments & Apps)

3rd Month: SuperHero Exploration Kit: Nation Hero (9 Experiments)

All kids dream of being superheroes and pretend play as one is the greatest part of their childhood. Having a superpowers and helping peoples who are in need is part of superheroes characteristics. Superhero can teach the children the concept of what is right and what is wrong, as well as seeding the heroism behaviour in them.

And for that ALFA and Friends would like to invite all of the children to join forces and be one of the SUPERHEROES!

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Weight10000 g