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About the Storybook with STEM Kit

Many great childhood stories bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. With lively characters and imaginative tales, storybooks open up a whole new world of exploration and discovery for children. Good stories breathe life into everyday storytime and inspire budding readers to be curious, creative, and confident.

Featuring captivating tales of friendship and heroism, the Spark storybook with STEM Kit is here to unlock a realm where science and stories meet. Get in on the action with Alfa and his friends through do-it-yourself science experiments that make one feel truly connected with the characters as they take on different adventures in each story.

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Spark Storybook
Comic Magazine

What Makes

Storybook With STEM Kit Great?

Whether it is during the weekends or right before bedtime, the Storybook with STEM Kit makes an ideal parent-child bonding activity.

The Storybook with STEM Kit brings learning into the home and therefore, promotes parents’ active involvement within their children’s academic experiences.

Combining experiential and experimental approaches to learning, the Storybook with STEM Kit invites children to become storytellers themselves by embedding hands-on activities into the story.

Essentially, the Storybook with STEM Kit cultivates exemplary character values and nurtures positive attitudes towards scientific learning at an early age.

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Story 1

A Camping Misadventure With Mr. Slime

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Storybook for Kids | ALFAandFriends

Story 2

Whoever I Want To Be

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Storybook for Kids | ALFAandFriends (1)