STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM can refer to the discipline individually or when two or more disciplines are intentionally emphasized.For these young kids, we focus on STEM through exploration, play, and building curiosity about the natural world and the way things work.

Every year, ALFA and Friends launches different theme of STEM camp program. Our STEM camp program is an extended learning program for young children which suited for children aged 3 to 9 years old. ALFA and Friends STEM camp reinforces what the young children have learnt in school. The specially-designed, creative, fun and engaging holiday program will have themes such as:

  • Earth Hero Science Camp
  • Under the Sea Science Camp
  • Space Science Camp
  • Dino Science Camp
  • Kids Wonderland Science Camp
  • Dream Job Science Camp
  • Spy Science Camp
  • Up in the Air Science Camp
  • Splashy, Slimy, Snowy Science Camp
  • Go Green Science Camp
  • 3D Science Camp

Why STEM Camp?

STEM Camp Kits Malaysia For Kindergarten| ALFAandFriends

Fun and engaging activities that allow children to explore their senses through hands-on experiences and learning opportunities.

STEM Camp Kits Malaysia For Kindergarten 1 | ALFAandFriends

Children are able to learn collaboration with their peers to explore and solve problems using creativity and innovative way.

STEM Camp 2019

Nation Hero: Rebuilding The Cities

In this year’s STEM Camp, the nation heroes will not only learn Science concepts. 🧪🦠 They will also have the opportunity to become great problem solvers and many more!

I want to be a Nation Heroes!

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Curriculum Programmes We Offer

STEM learning is important for everyone and can happen anytime, anywhere. The real-life skills that people develop when learning STEM help make everyone better problem-solvers and learners.

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