3 STEM Education Activities For Preschoolers

The trends in education keep changing as the world moves forward to keep up with the shifts in technology, lifestyle, and job demands of the modern era. As of now, STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics seems to be a popular theme in the education industry. With that being said, it is important to develop capable learners of STEM education, particularly at an early age.

Here are 3 STEM education activities for preschoolers which can be done in classroom setting or even in the comfort of your own home:

1- Chromatography

STEM Education Activities For Preschoolers | ALFAandFriends

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Materials needed:
Coffee filter/tissue paper, magic pens, a glass of water, plate

This is an easy one. Firstly, cut the coffee filter or tissue paper into the shape of a rectangle. Next, take a piece of the cut out and draw a big dot (in any colour you like) near the bottom of the cut out. After that, dip the cut out into the glass of water, just below the dot. Finally, lay the cut out on a plate and simply watch how the water amusingly moves upwards and separates the dot of colour into a few more different colours!

Upon seeing how the colours separate, the children will learn about primary and secondary colours.

2- Colour the Flowers

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Materials needed:
Daisies or any white coloured flower, cups of water, spoon, food colouring (green, red, yellow)

Once you get a hold on the materials, do this activity right away before the flowers wither. Firstly, cut the branches off the flowers. Three pieces of flower is enough as we will be using three colours. Next, put a few drops of food colouring into each cup with water (one colour per cup). Don’t forget to stir to mix the food colouring with the water. Then, place each flower into each cup of coloured water. Simply leave the flowers for one day and check on them the next. What do you think will happen? Try it yourself to see the results!

From doing this activity, the children will learn about plants as living things. Water, being one of the basic needs for plants, can be seen to travel through all parts of the plant to sustain its living.

3- Water Cycle in a Bag

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Materials needed:
Zip lock bag, marker pen, warm water, blue food colouring

The water cycle can be a fun topic of exploration for children, but without the use of visual aids, it could be rather complex for preschoolers. Good news! This activity might help.
Firstly, take a zip lock bag and using a marker pen, draw ocean waves at the bottom of the bag. Then, draw clouds on top of the bag with rain pouring down on the left side and a mountain on the right side of the bag. Then, mix an adequate amount of warm water with blue food colouring and pouring the mixture into the zip lock bag. Lastly, seal the zip lock bag and tape it to a window facing sunlight. After some time, check the bag and you will notice steam of warm water formed on top near the clouds. There you have it, you just made the water cycle in a bag!

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