The Alpha Generation And Their Critical Thinking Skill

Children nowadays are exceptionally brilliant, unlike the olden days. They perceive things differently and they are not afraid to say things that they have in mind. There is a Malay saying mentioning that children are like a white cloth and the parents were the one putting patterns and colours on it. This approach does not really work towards our Alpha generation anymore, and parents nowadays understand that. The children prefer the modern approach as they are technology savvy. In addition, they also have their own thoughts, opinions and ideas.

However, handing your phone over to your children for them to watch YouTube or playing games while you enjoy your dinner are not considered as modern parenting! In certain situations, we can see that the child was desperately seeking the parents’ attention. They usually try all sorts of “tricks” such as singing out loud and throwing tantrums on small things; so the parents set out one simple solution, and it works everytime; mobile phones. This is a sad situation, where is the connection? Where is the bonding session between the parents and their kids? We live in a hectic and frantic life where the parents go out so early, just before the sun rises and only return home when the sun comes down. When will the parents be able to find the right time to see their children’s true potential?


In a way, seeking out your child’s true potential at younger age can help them to succeed better in their adulthood. Critical thinking evolves in a child when they are able to connect their existing knowledge with their experience and then they will try to compare, explain, evaluate the ideas, understand, predict the outcomes or the consequences of the situation and finally adapt the knowledge to form a creative solution. Latest research shows that children can begin to think critically and sharpen their critical thinking skills during natural conversation with important adults in their lives. This means that small actions such as a simple walk in the park and having a short conversation about their day are good initiatives to build your child’s critical thinking. It is truly an amazing experience for the parents to be able to see their child’s progress in developing ideas. Their ideas and thoughts may sounded illogical sometimes but let us look at the other side of the coin; your child might come up with something that you as an adult could not even imagine!


In this ever growing development, critical thinking is crucial as it marks the ability of an individual to be able to make a sound and informed judgement. According to a book entitled, The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner, the mastery in basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics are no longer sufficient to fill in the needs of the nation when the current job prospects demand that potential employees are equipped with skills such as reasoning, analysing, weighing evidence and problem solving.


All in all, we use critical thinking skill every day. The skill helps in making good decisions, understanding the consequences of each action taken and solving problems. Hence, it is crucial for the parents to know their children’s critical thinking skill and their true potential. Slot in moments to communicate, discuss on matters and let them share their feelings and thoughts. Take into account on their needs and find ways to make them understand that education does not only happen in formal environment but it can also be delivered in informal situation.

Education Consultant at ALFA and Friends

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