Dear parents out there that are thinking about sending your children to a child enrichment center, but you are still not sure why and what your children will be learning, this is the right article for you! Why do your children need to attend child enrichment centers and how these centers are different from normal preschool? Let’s untangled the confusion in this! 

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Enrichment itself is the action of improving or enhancing the quality of something so child enrichment center is a place to enhance the children’s skills. Yes, that is why there is a lot of skill-based program in the child enrichment centers such as coding class, cooking class, STEM class, art and craft class and many more.

In other words, child enrichment centers will focus on improving skills rather than academically. Different from enrichment center which is one type of informal institution for learning, schools are formal institutions for children to learn.

So, your children will go to school to learn about academic subjects such as Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics, History, Science and many more but in child enrichment center children will be learning new skills or enhancing their skills, as mentioned before. 

Attending child enrichment centers is not compulsory for every child however, that is not the case for preschool. In order to attend primary schools, a child needs to at least spend one (1) year in preschool. This is for them to learn the basic concepts before jumping to the next level in primary schools.

In child enrichment centers, there is no fundamental foundation needed for the children in order to enroll because when it comes to skills, the teachers in enrichment centers will train or guide the children from the beginner to advance level.

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Child enrichment centers will be more entertaining for children. This is because these centers focus more on skills and lead the activities to be more hands-on, fun and more interactive compared to activities done in schools.

In schools, your children will learn more concepts theoretically and some hands-on here and there but for the child enrichment centers, they go for hands-on, one hundred percent! For instance, if you are sending your child to an enrichment center and take a musical program, musical instruments will be her/his tool throughout the class.

If you send your children to STEM class, they will get kits to construct, play, engineered and create and even have projects to be completed! 

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Child enrichment centers will have more accessible facilities compared to normal preschools. Why? Because the goal of the child enrichment centers is to get the children to learn the skills related to the programs they have chosen. For instance, a coding class in enrichment centers will be completed with robotic kits, computers for coding and electronic tools needed to invent robots. But, if normal preschools have coding class, they will have limited computers and robotic kits where children will have to share because this is not the main class for the children.

As parents, you could consider child enrichment centers as the one-stop supportive learning for your children. If you think your children are interested in some areas, give them the support to enhance their skills by sending them to any child enrichment centers that meet your needs. 

Look for child enrichment centers that are nearby your house area so that it is easier for you and your children. Do you know that some child enrichment centers offer flexibility on where you want your children to attend the classes? Convenient, right? Here’s my take on this, look for some programs that will give advantages to your children’s future. 


Good luck in choosing the best child enrichment centers out there, mommies and daddies!

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