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Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

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Parental Involvement in the 21st Century Learning

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Every Child Deserves an Education

As an education company, we look at 21st century teaching and learning from the following perspectives and how each and everyone of us should take responsibility in supporting the learning for every child.

Understanding Children’s Learning

Purposeful play is important. Children are natural curious investigators of the world around them. Having a conscious knowledge of every child and where they are at will help the adults to understand the children’s learning.

A purposeful endeavour in supporting children’s learning growth through targeted intervention.

Staying grounded and true to the essence of a meaningful childhood drives our efforts to support children being children within the context of the complex world of adults.
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Educational Events For Teachers & Kindergarten | ALFAandFriends

Building Foundation for the Future

The future of work is uncertain and the skills and capabilities for success are changing. A technology infused future demands awareness and capabilities with new tools. A global society connects the diversity of humanity demanding respect for dignity, prosperity and justice.

A focus on integrated disciplines underpinned by 21st century practices and differentiated pedagogies grounded in the outcome characteristics of learners.

We recognise the changing world around us and we work to develop children who are active problem solvers in the world around them by integrating skills and awareness of their future.
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Connecting World Class Early Years Education

Countries of the world as they embrace formal early years education as an expanded aspect of national education endeavours are challenged by many factors including availability, affordability, quality, integration, comparability, curriculum and resources. What defines great early years education is underpinned by cultural historical philosophical perspectives in the identity of the child in the world.

We have taken an approach that aligns leading early years practices with the changing demands for modernising mainstream national curricula, alongside a view that preserves the essence of childhood as being fun, exploratory, and a journey of discovery.

We align with leading researchers and map our programs onto national curricula to illustrate the transformation journey focussing on developing teacher’s capacity.
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We deliver through these four pillars.


Lifelong Love of Learning

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ECCE Professional Learning

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Research to Guide Practices

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Giving Back

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Connecting Young Children to ALFA and Friends Characters

Do you worry about who your children associate themselves with? Do you find it difficult to find something your children can relate? What if we bring you to discover something different in your children’s learning adventure?

Meet ALFA and Friends
Our Integrated STEM Offering

Programmes & Products

Little Scientists

Little Scientists is an exploration and play based three-years program that engages young children from aged 4 to 6 of the wonders around them.

Euler Maths

Euler Maths is a hands-on and play-based three-years programme for young children. The spiral curriculum designed to build a strong foundation in Mathematics.


Toddler programme has 8 everyday Science themes incorporated with fun-filled animated nursery rhymes, early Mathematics and Science activities and experiments.


We offer an incredible collection of STEM Camp or Science Camp to preschools. These camps are designed for the school holidays for children from the age group of 4 to 9 years old.

Professional Development

Teachers Professional Development focuses on building capacity within the existing workforce structures aligned to the demands of 21st-century teaching and learning. The teachers’ skills and competencies are built progressively throughout the experiential learning workshops and their reflective inputs form the basis for the collaborative mentoring structure.


We organised a unique, interactive and educational STEM events — entertaining for young children, educators, parents as well as adults from all walks of life! Not only do we bring the smiles of the local underprivileged community during our journey, but we also include the communities abroad as well.

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What They Say About Us

I find it very easy to teach because all the teaching aids and student kit are provided and it save us a lot of time! The children get to do the experiment themselves and it makes the learning better!

TeachersTadika Little Heart

The kids enjoy learning the Little Scientists because it's so fun, and because it is fun they learn very fast! We don't have to waste our time, as the ALFA and Friends provide all the materials to us.

Teacher Raihana & RashidahBrainy Bunch Bangi
February 26, 2020

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