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Cheng Heng Yow

Chief Executive Officer and Little Scientists Founder

Mr Cheng Heng Yow graduated from University of Malaya with an Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and further obtained his MBA in 2000 from University of Portsmouth.
He has vast experience working in multinational companies, having started as an Engineer in Hewlett-Packard and left Agilent Technologies (a spin-off company from HP) as the Worldwide Marketing Manager. He joined ALFA and Friends in 2006 with a mission to impact children’s lives by applying his knowledge and experiences.

Under his stewardship (together with Miss Ho Teh Eng the Little Scientists founder of early childhood education program), the company has developed high-quality products that meet the international market needs. He invested heavily in developing talent and building quality educational content for the young children. ALFA and Friends Interactive e-Learning Program emerged as the Merit Winner in the Best of e-Learning Category in Asia Pacific ICT Alliances Award (APICTA) 2015. With the capabilities in producing high-quality and creative content, the company further won the MSC Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) 2015.

Mr. Cheng received the highest recognition when the company was awarded with the Product and Service Excellence Award in Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards 2015 and a merit award in the Star Business Award (SOBA) 2014. In the words of Cheng, “It is our company vision to inspire and empower every child to love learning through the hands-on and fun way. We take it as our responsibility to unleash every child potential to become future Great Scientist, Inventor, Engineer & Innovator that make the greatest impact to the world.”

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