Nation Hero: Rebuilding The Cities STEM Camp is a STEM preschool holiday programme suitable for 4-12 years old and can take as long as you wish to complete the lessons.

The adventure begins with ALFA and Friends experiencing an earthquake which shakes their island. They soon witness Mons Igneus (a volcano) erupts from a far. Without delaying, they suit up and ride their Powerful Plane to scout the area that has been hit with natural disasters.

Together with ALFA and Friends, heroes will go on a momentous rescue mission powered by their boundless imagination. Throughout the 9 hands-on activities, heroes will help to rebuild the affected cities. They will create a Super Filter to get clean water, clean the air with Mini Vacuum Cleaner, build homes with Durable Bricks, become little Architects in Junior Builder, solve critical situation in Mighty Boat, make Butter In A Jar for the citizens, play Galloping Horse to learn on resource management and last but not least, joyously ride on the Spinning Cart to celebrate their hard work.

In this year’s STEM Camp, heroes will not only learn Science concept, they will have the opportunity to develop as a person mentally and emotionally too. We want our heroes to be great problem solvers, inventors and innovators with empathy and the willingness to change the future. With every purchase of STEM Camp box, you are contributing RM 1 to charity. Together, LET’S REBUILD THE NATION!

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Powerful Plane

Junior Builder

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Durable Bricks

Spinning Cart

Butter in a Jar

Galloping Horse

Super Filter

Mighty Boat

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STEM Camp Nation Hero

How to Play Galloping Horse

Choose whether to have all resources on your own or share it with other citizens. Learn How To Play Galloping Horse here.

Galloping Horse Gameplay
How To Play Galloping Horse | ALFAandFriends

Shaping Global Citizens: Introducing United Nations 2030-SDG

United Nations is an intergovernmental organization with mission to keep world peace and security by initiating good-natured relations among nations. The 2030-Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is a set of 17 goals introduced by the UN with vision to eliminate poverty—not just living expenses based but also in the form of healthcare, education, food and clean water, shelter and job opportunities among others.

Nation Hero STEM Camp is our first step in shaping the children to become Global Citizens. We introduce the 2030-SDG in our camp with aims to enlighten children about the global challenges faced by less fortunate people in other parts of the world.

Let’s Make The World A Better Place!

While you are celebrating your child’s 12th birthday, are you aware that 6 million children never make it to their 5th? While you are eating your dinner, are you aware that 836 million people are malnourished and live in extreme poverty? While you enjoy clean water to drink and shower, are you aware that 2 billion people still do not have access to basic sanitation and 673 million still defecate in the open?

Aside from highlighting the global issues, Nation Hero STEM Camp also suggests ways to help achieving the goals. Alternatively, you are encouraged to search for more information from these websites:

Learn about the fight for children’s rights and donate to UNICEFLearn about the current state of refuges in Malaysia and donate to UNHCR

A little help goes a long way. Every support you give enable them to live a better life.


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