STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home – Kit #21 : The Aromatic Candle


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Heightened your sense of smell by making your own aromatic candle! STEM Kit Experiment For Kids At Home!

What’s Included:

+ ALFA and Friends Comic Magazine issue #21

+ Jelly Wax

+ Candle

+ Aluminium Cup

+ Candle Wicks

+ Love Shaped Mould

+ Chopstick

+ Ice Cream Stick

+ Essential Oil

Spread the good smell in the air with The Aromatic Candle Kit.

  • Wax is a flammable substance that melts when it is warm enough.
  • Create any shapes of candles with your kids!
  • Add essential oils to the liquid wax to make it smell good!
  • Suitable for kids age 6 and above.


Additional information

Weight200 g

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