Spark Event

ALFA and Friends provides educational STEM events to cater for your needs! If you are looking for parenting tips on STEM, workshops or seminars on STEM education for either yourself or your child to participate then you have come to the right place. Spark event is the best way for parents and child to have a great bonding time!

If you work for a corporation and wish to organise an educational event or CSR activity for families, we can help too. We are also happy to discuss special arrangements for worthy causes. Our ALFA and Friends foundation has brought laughter to the underprivileged communities locally and abroad.

Parenting Workshop

This Parenting Workshop is not just for young or inexperienced parents; it is a workshop with STEM and 21st Century Learning focus. Be confident to begin STEM learning at home using the practical guides and ideas learned from the workshop.

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STEM Events For Children

We partner with schools and private organization to offer events for young children. The events are STEM Workshop, STEM Competition and Open Day. Register your interest with us so that you can be notified.

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Stage Show For Families

It is fun and engaging!

It is entertaining!

It is educational!

You will laugh, learn and be inspired!

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Trade Show

We participate in trade shows to bring awareness to the public on integrated STEM education and 21st century leading practices.

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Spark Event

Spark the precious time with your kids at ALFA and Friends Spark Event!