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ALFA and Friends provides educational STEM events to cater for your needs! You may be a parent, a school teacher, a principal, or just someone looking for educational ideas for your upcoming event… then you have come to the right place! All of our events are unique, interactive and educational — entertaining for young children, educators, parents as well as adults from all walks of life!

We are happy to discuss special arrangements for worthy causes. Our ALFA and Friends foundation has brought laughter to the underprivileged communities locally and also abroad.

STEM Workshop for Preschool and Early Childhood Teacher


This STEM workshop will enrich the educational experience of the participants. We offer a standard 3-hours workshop or a full-day workshop.

Join us to be inspired!

Teachers & Kindergarten Educational Events - STEM Workshop | ALFAandFriends 1

Open Day

No ideas for Open Day? Want to engage and impress your invited guests?

How about conducting some STEM interactive activities with the guests?

Teachers & Kindergarten Educational Events- Kindergarten Open Day | ALFAandFriends 2

STEM Competition

Stay tuned for our exciting STEM Competition.

Teachers & Kindergarten Educational Events-STEM Competition | ALFAandFriends 3

STEM Early Childhood Conference

Stay tuned for our upcoming STEM Early Childhood Conference.

Teachers & Kindergarten Educational Events-STEM Early Childhood Conference | ALFAandFriends 4

ALFA and Friends Provide More Than Events

Discover More Educational Events With ALFA and Friends