Whimsical Quest: Rescuing The Kingdom is a STEM holiday programme suitable for children ages 4 to 9 years old and can be completed at your own pace.

The quest begins as Alfa and his friends discover a mysterious book in the attic. Out of curiosity, they flip the book open and in the blink of an eye, they are transported to another world – a land, a kingdom of the sort. As they explore the unknown world, they stumble upon a King who asks for their help to save the kingdom from a deadly virus.

And thus, Alfa and his friends invite the children on a heroic quest to rescue the kingdom!

In this quest, the children will have to overcome a series of challenges with the hands-on materials provided. They will also put their creative and critical thinking skills to the test in attempting to make various whimsical creations including the Poly-sling, Farvel Carousel, Speedy Car and many more.

Ultimately, this STEM Camp will not only introduce the children to new scientific concepts but also provide them with opportunities to develop their higher-order thinking skills. Through this STEM Camp, we aim to engender children that excel in science education and are inspired to be inventors, creators, builders, and explorers of our world.

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Whimsical Quest: The Summary

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What’s Inside The Box?

What you will get?

9 Hands-On Activities

Conduct and explore multiple concepts using the experiment kits!

Online Lesson Plan

Gain access to the detailed description of the course instruction for guidance!

Workbook Comic

Read and enjoy the comic till the end to complete the adventure!


Grant a certificate to children once they completed the adventure.

Why You Should Buy STEM Camp?

Hassle-free for teachers. We provide teachers with training, a lesson plan, and hands-on materials. So, little to no preparation is required by the teachers.

STEM Holiday

Integrates the element of fun into learning. Each activity requires hands-on participation from the children. Making the entire learning experience more engaging and immersive.

Adopts the Design Thinking approach in certain activities to promote the development of 21st century knowledge and skills such as collaborative and communicative thinking at an early age.

Incorporates digital learning experiences to provide children with learning opportunities that require the application of higher order thinking skills such as Computational Thinking.


Leaping Horse

Super Soap

Speedy Car

Sparkling Crystal

Magic Grabber

Raging Monster


Vanishing Virus

Farvel Carousel

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Life-Changing Discoveries over Time

As we usher in modernity, we can look back and relish on the many remarkable discoveries of mankind. 

The technological and scientific inventions of our generation are proof of the tremendous progress that we have made over the past few centuries – from horse carriages to electric-powered cars, from ancient remedies to modern medicine, from steam engine trains to the modern magnetic levitation ones! 

Truly, these inventions have made our lives easier and overall, improved our quality of living. 

The ‘Whimsical Quest STEM Camp’ introduces children to the marvelous inventions of our time to broaden their understanding of the world and stimulate their minds in engaging activities that promote the eagerness to invent, create, and innovate from an early age. Each ‘Whimsical Quest’ activity is equally fun and challenging, providing learning opportunities for children to form ideas, create solutions, and solve problems through the application of STEM-focused knowledge and skills including collaboration, scientific inquiry, and logical thinking. 


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