On the 16th of May of every year, teachers in Malaysia are celebrated and honoured for their hard work and dedication in educating our future generation. This means that Teacher’s Day is right around the corner and your child has talked about it to you as his/her preschool is planning to celebrate. One of ways to show appreciation to fellow teachers is to shower them with gifts. Deciding on a gift for your child’s teacher shouldn’t be stressful – Here are 11 gifts that preschool teachers look forward to receiving on Teacher’s Day:

1- Stationeries

Yes, you might think it’s a little bit too simple to gift preschool teachers with stationeries. Surprisingly, teachers love receiving stationeries as sharpeners, marker pens, coloured pens, magic pens are what they need most in the classroom, but at the same time, these items always go missing as well! It’s safe to say all teachers are happy to get stationeries as a gift. You can always make a gift basket full of stationeries for the
teacher to make it look more special.

2- Books

Find out what are the hobbies or interests of your child’s teacher and get them a book about it. It may be cooking – you can get them a recipe or cookbook. It may be travelling – you can get them a travel novel. It may be knitting – you can get them a knitting ideas book. To make it easier, you can also look for guidebooks on early childhood education or teaching which any preschool teacher would be happy to own.

3- Gift Cards

Everybody loves shopping. Gift cards allow the preschool teachers to choose their own presents. A little shopping therapy never hurt anybody.

4- Movie Tickets

Treat your child’s teacher to a movie. Find out what kind of a movie goer is he/she, whether the teacher likes action or romance or horror or comedy movies, purchase a couple of tickets to treat your child’s teacher to a fun movie night with his/her loved one. This will surely take some of the load off from having to teach children from 9 to 5 five days a week. It also gives the teacher something fun to look forward to after school ends or when the weekend arrives.

5- Classroom Decoration Items

It can be something you and your child created or something that both of you picked out at the store. Classroom decorations are great as it adds a piece of memory to your child’s classroom. Teachers are more than happy to receive something that they can beautify their classroom with. Simple items like a globe, a wall clock, a handmade plaque, any kind of wall decor suitable for a classroom would do.

6- Chocolates

This is easy and popular among all teachers but keep in mind that when gifting food, you must take into consideration the eating habits of the receiver or any food allergies that the receiver might have. Some people are vegetarian or trying to stay more healthy. In that case, you can always opt for more healthy chocolate bars that taste just as good as normal ones.

7- Perfume

You can always go to the local beauty shop to pick a nice bottle of perfume for your child’s teacher. Everybody loves perfume. Opt for scents that are less strong and more subtle as teachers handling children would prefer not to wear such a strong perfume as it might stick or rub onto the children’s clothes.

8- Germ Combatants

Yes, this is very popular among teachers too! It is simple and highly useful in the preschool classroom. As children are still learning to practice good hygiene habits, preschool teachers will always find themselves in need of hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wipes, and sanitizing sprays. Normally, preschool classrooms need to be sanitized daily to ensure the health of the children…so, germ combatants as gifts? Why not!

9- Desk Organizer

Preschool teachers always end up not having space to put their own things in the classroom as the desks and cupboards are always filled with the children’s belongings, toys, and books. Therefore, desk organizers will greatly help in keeping your child’s teacher’s desk organized and clean for the rest of the year. This will also help prevent certain stationery from going missing.

10- Flower Bouquet

A flower bouquet is always the perfect gift for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, farewell parties, baby showers, you name it! Teacher’s Day is not excluded as one of the celebrations that a flower bouquet would be appropriate for.

11- Personalized Cards

The saying that “It’s the thought that counts!” goes a long way. Ask your child to make a card for their teacher to add a personalized touch to their gift. Much like parents, teachers have love and care for their students so a memorable, unique card with a heartfelt note written on it would be one of the most cherished gifts that a teacher would receive on Teacher’s Day.

These are some of the gift ideas that you can give your child’s preschool teacher this coming Teacher’s Day. Whatever it is that you and your child have decided on, the most valuable gift that your child can give to his/her teacher is their own good behaviour, manners, and attitude in
the classroom.

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