So, you’ve invested in a property and thought to yourself, “Why don’t I start a kindergarten?”

Many agree that the education industry is extremely profitable, but only with proper planning and implementation. I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed how preschools are literally popping up at every corner of your neighbourhood. This shows that the preschool business culture involves very stiff competition. Without a strong business model, good team of teachers, and an effective preschool curriculum and programme, the preschool business can be tough to break.

You’ve done your market research and now, you find yourself wondering whether you know the exact steps that need to be taken in order to start your own preschool. Worry not, here I’ve prepared a step-by-step list to help you start your own preschool business in Malaysia:

1- Going through the Guidelines

There is a definitive guideline for small business owners like you to adhere to if you wish to open up your own preschool. You can look up the internet for the guideline provided by the Ministry of EducatioN (MOE) which will brief you on the crucial requirements and procedures involved when setting up a preschool such as licensing.

2- Decide on a Business Model

There are many types of business models out there for preschools such as franchise-based or owner-operated. If you opt for franchising, the procedures are much simpler as the headquarters of the preschool will provide you with all the necessities for you to establish the preschool.

You have less freedom, though, to customize your preschool as franchise-based preschools are tied to an established brand name which, normally, would already be equipped with their own preschool curriculum and programmes. If you truly want to start your own private preschool, there are more considerations that have to be prepared before it is ready to be marketed to the public.

3- Develop policies and procedures

Similar to any other types of businesses out there, you need to have a solid layout of standard policies and procedures to ensure quality for your brand. You need to make sure the policies and procedures developed are in accordance with the business model that you have chosen for your preschool. This will provide organization and structure to your business which will be a useful reference for future staff and parents that will enroll their children into your preschool. These policies and procedures also have to comply with the local laws and protocols.

4- Assemble Team of Staff

You will need to plan a business organizational structure to know the departments that need to be established for your school such as human resources, accounting, and marketing. Hiring educators for your preschool should be one of your main concerns. Keep in mind the proper teacher to student ratio to gage the number of teachers that you might need to hire.

If you don’t have any early childhood education background or qualification to interview and assess whether a potential candidate is suitable for your school, you can hire an early childhood education expert who will act as your head of academics to take up the responsibility.

5- Develop Preschool Curriculum

In order to do this, it is crucial that you know the in and outs of early childhood education. Developing your own, personalized curriculum and programme for your preschool will need a team of early childhood education experts

Alternatively, there are many businesses out there selling preschool curriculum and programmes which can be implemented in your school. As such, Alfa and Friends offers three programmes for preschoolers aged 3-6 years old – Toddler, Little Scientist, and Euler Maths.

It is important that you do an adequate amount of research to make sure the programme that you choose to administer at your school will benefit your customers which are the parents and children.

6- Prepare School Facilities

Before opening its doors, make sure your preschool is well-equipped with proper facilities. Some preschools offer swimming pools, indoor gyms, art studios, or libraries. The layout of the classrooms would have to follow the teaching methodology that you’ve decided to implement for your preschool. For instance, a Multiple Intelligences preschool will have a different layout from a Montessori preschool.

Similarly, an Islamic preschool would be equipped with a surau, whereas a play-based preschool will have a sensory play area. Make sure the equipment and facilities you decided to have in your preschool will aid in your teacher’s teaching and classroom management as well.

7- Market Your Preschool

If you’ve ticked everything else off this list, it is time to market your preschool. You can set up social media accounts for your preschool to create and heighten brand awareness. You can also take part in marketing events or fairs for private preschools to promote and engage with your potential customers.

And just like that, you’ve successfully established your own preschool! 

Although these steps may look easy on paper, starting up your own preschool means a lot of hardwork and dedication. There are many hurdles and challenges to come, just keep reminding yourself that it will all be worth it in the end.

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