Introducing Spark

Spark is a brand inspired for children to create a precious bonding moment with the people around them as well as their surroundings. Focusing on three elements; Spark the Moments, Spark the Interests and Spark the Talent, we strive to connect children with their parents and also their teachers through learning and guide them to discover their full potential. We offer these tools under the brand; Spark book, STEM kit and Spark Enrichment Centre.

Be a Blazer

Be a Spark member and be entitled to privileges offered. We identify Spark member as blazer as the word originates from the word ‘blaze’ which means fiercely burning fire. It suits the members as we hope blazers can help us to spark and spread the appeal of learning to others. Join our community now!

Benefit 1

Free lifetime membership

Benefit 2

Exclusive invitation to Spark Live Event

Benefit 3

Chance to attend Parenting Workshop for Free

How to be a Blazer

Step 1

Download the mobile app from Google Play or App Store (search for ALFA and Friends Spark).

Step 2

After you have installed and opened the app, click the “Register” button and fill up your information.

Step 3

You have successfully become a Blazer!

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STEM Kits, Activities And Events For Kids | ALFA and Friends

Spark Book

Spark books are developed for children using interactive and fun contents to nurture a love for reading. Turn your children into an avid reader and a lover of knowledge through Spark books! Alfa and Friends Comic Magazine are Spark book filled with animation, fun facts, and experiments for the children to try at home. Hence if the parents purchase the STEM Kit together with the comics, eventually they will experience the hands-on learning. We also have a compilation of fascinating activities and experiments in 52 STEM Activities book.

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STEM Kits, Activities And Events For Kids | ALFA and Friends

Spark Kit

A fun and simple STEM science experiment kits and activities for kids to do at home with their parents and family. Guide your children through the experiments and let them experience the hands-on-learning.

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Spark Centre

Activities specially tailored for little scientists, explorers, engineers and inventors to explore. An enrichment class for 4 to 9 years old kids to spark their interest in STEM and enrich the talent in them. Research based module to empower kids with knowledge, skills and values that cannot be found anywhere.

Spark Event

STEM for all, an event to strengthen the awareness and interest in STEM. Targeting to create an inclusive STEM community for all to make sure that no one is left behind. A Joyful event for parents, kids and community to engage while experience STEM based activities and live performances. An event that will be full of fun and beneficial to all.

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