1- Chickadee

Chickadee is a Canadian comic magazine that is available as a monthly subscription for kids starting 6 to 9 years old. Chickadee magazine has 10 issues per year, and they are available for the international market especially in the USA.

The monthly subscription for kids is offered for one year with 10 issues. The educational and engaging magazines are filled with brainteasers, games, puzzle and science experiments for the kids. Various themes are available for these magazines, from the world of animals to the world of mind-blowing games.

Are you planning to subscribe to a monthly subscription for kids? This might be the one that you are looking for.

2- ALFA and Friends Comic Magazines

STEM Kits, Activities And Events For Kids | ALFA and Friends

Here in Malaysia, we have the ALFA and Friends comic magazines, they have it in digital form, too! If you are lucky, you might be able to get those comics for free. Interesting experiments in the Spark Kit boxes sold in the market are for children aged 4 to 9 years old, but 12 years old also enjoy the experiments!

The monthly subscription for kids is offered for 3 months, 6 months and 8 months. You will get 5 issues each month. Now, can you calculate how many exciting issues that you will get for 8 months? The good news is, you might not have to stop subscribing for 8 months because there are more issues to come!

Various science themes from human organs to bird’s anatomy taught with different hands-on kits. What are you waiting for? Visit the website to subscribe NOW!

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #40: Technology Makes Our Life Easier!

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #39: Let’s Explore The World Around Us

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #38: Under The Magnifying Glass!

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #37: Everyone Can Be A Scientist!

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #36: Let’s Find The Criminal!

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #35: Let’s Travel Back To Ancient Times!

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #34: It Is Space Time!

  • BUY 5 AT RM28

    Comic Books For Kids – Issue #33: Exploring The Animal Kingdom


3- National Geographic Little Kids

Yes, one of the comics that are available for the monthly subscription for kids. As we adults know, we go to National Geographic when it is related to mother nature, especially animals. The love for animals is sparked with these magazines.

National Geographic proudly presents stories and adventures about animals and plants too through the magazine in ways kids can understand and amaze with the behavior of an armadillo or excite by the animal-eating plants! National Geographic Kid magazines are for kids aged 6 and above!

And with only $15, your kids can have fun and improve their knowledge about animals and plants with the 10 issues given. If you have children below 6 years old in your house, subscribe to their National Geographic Little Kids magazine. 

4- Nursery Rhymes Comics

 If you are into enhancing your children’s language ability, you may want to go for nursery rhymes comics as your children’s monthly subscription comics.

There are a lot of nursery rhymes books that are available for a subscription such as Cocomelon. As for this one, it is FREE! All you have to do is subscribe to their channel on YouTube. There are some comics for nursery rhymes that have been produced by Kindercomics. Most people commented that Kindercomics has been producing comics for children and they are very good at expressing non-visual feelings and they are comprehensible to the children! 

5- Kazoo

If you have beautiful girls aged from 5 to 12 years old, you might want to choose Kazoo as the monthly subscription for kids in your house. If you are not ready for subscriptions, you can get the magazine anywhere, especially in airports or bookstores.

These magazines provide exciting STEM experiments and crafts that will involve lots and lots of glitters. They have 14 issues in total and have 1 or 2 years of subscriptions, choose anything you like. Let’s say you do not want to forget renewing the subscription, they have auto-renewed too! Girl power and fun in learning is Kazoo’s direction in leading your girls!

6- Ranger Rick Jr.

This one is perfect too for monthly subscriptions for kids below 9 years old because Ranger Rick Jr. comic magazines are for children from 4 to 7 years old! Animals’ adventures, stories, fun facts, photos, games and a lot of exciting crafts activities are included in an issue.

For first-year or first term, they will have 10 issues and for the second year or term, your children will get 20 issues. More fun in the second year, so make sure you subscribe for two years to get more magazines. More magazines equal to more fun experiences for your children! 


You couldn’t find any interesting comics about animals? This might be what you are looking for all this while. 

7- Okido

Ice ice messy, ice ice messy! That is how catchy the comic’s title in Okido magazines for 3 to 6 years old children. Another science combined with arts monthly subscription for kids that available in the United Kingdom, Europe, China, Turkey, and a few more countries.

Unfortunately, subscriptions for Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are not available at the moment. Learning through play is highly emphasized by Okido and to spark the curiosity of the children by all the games and Science activities in the comic magazine! You are free to choose 1 year or 6 months for the monthly subscription for your kids at home.

8- Tiny Titans

Your children are into superheroes and you want them to read more instead of watching more cartoons? DC Universe comic magazine is available for subscriptions now but only available in United States of America (USA). They have the comics in digital forms too!

The comics that are suitable for children under 9 years is the Tiny Titans. Even though the characters are about superheroes, the stories revolve more on schools rather than fighting criminals. Less violence, more appropriate to children, brilliant! Even there are not many issues available but the one that available in the market is highly recommended.

9- Aquila

Aquila magazines present cool and fun facts about the history of Earth, human’s best friend and general knowledge that your children need to be equipped with. All these knowledges are presented in the best way that can attract the children into learning things. Who know, you might learn something new from your children someday.

With this as your monthly subscription for kids, do not be surprised with all the impossible becomes possible. You can subscribe Aquila for 4 months if you are not sure your children will love it. Once you know they are into it, go for 12 months subscriptions to get better deals! 

10- SI for Kids

Let’s go physical! If your children are interested in sports, SI for Kids is a no-brainer! For this one, your children will be updated with news about sports and inspired by young athletes interviewed by the magazines. For the subscription, only 1 year for 6 issues is available so there is not much to think there as there is only one option provided.

Learn more about football with the tips and tricks given by coaches in the magazine. Do you think your children will love this? Subscribe now! 

So, that is our list for monthly subscription comics for kids below 9 years old that you can choose for your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or students. Looking for educational gifts, monthly subscription comics might be the best gift and more love for you. Well, until the subscriptions ended and you forget to renew it! 

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