Do most parents know what manipulative toys are? Believe it or not, parents might not realize that they bought their children manipulative toys before this. Manipulative toys are one of the mediums for the children’s dexterity in skills. In other words, manipulative toys can enhance the children’s fine motor skills and creativity too, especially for the preschoolers! Parents do not have to browse various sites to look for manipulative toys because we list the five best manipulative toys for your little ones!


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Dear parents, go and check your children’s toy box now! Do they have puzzles? I bet most children do. Puzzles are not just puzzles. It is an important manipulative toy and also an educational learning tool for preschoolers because the puzzle is not only giving an opportunity for us to exercise our minds (for adults, too!), but they also provide opportunities for the children to refine their fine motor skills and creative development at an early age.

When playing puzzles, children are encouraged to be creative by coming up with strategies such as patterning, sorting out shapes, and fixing the puzzles into slots. In real life, children will try to solve a problem that they have by using the same strategies that they applied in playing puzzles.

Do you want your children to start thinking out of the box? Buy them puzzles now!

Magic Beads

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Do you know what magic beads are and what they are for? It is one of our forty issues available for Spark Kit and it comes with a comic magazine.

Some parents just might see and think of art and crafts when it comes to beads, but never STEM. Through this STEM activity, children will have a blast constructing and designing models from the magic beads and connectors provided that will tap on their creative sides and coordination, too.

Magic beads stimulate children’s creativity because this toy helps them to visualize their imagination and make it concrete. Along the way of playing with this toy, your children will surely do Mathematics here and there, understand the concept of stability and become a little engineer in no time.

Magic Corn

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At first glance, you might think these magic corns are cereal! But they are not (even though they are edible!). This manipulative toy is one of the kits that you will get if you subscribe to our children’s subscription box!

Just by dabbing the magic corn on a wet sponge or cloth, it will stick to the other magic corn in a few seconds. Give them time for an imaginative play with this toy to give them the chance to express their creativity!

Magic corns might be messy but once your children are done building shapes, animals, or any objects they want to, all you can see on the floor is beautiful and creative creations made by your children. Are you ready to make a memorable mess with your children? Get your kit now!


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Have you ever bought or make DIY playdough for your children? Congratulations, parents! You are on the right track of helping your children to be creative.

Making your own DIY playdough with the children might be messy but they will have so much fun with you! Do you know that play dough does not only enhance your children’s fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination, but playdough also gives a calming effect to your children while playing with it?

After making different objects together, let your children explain what they are making and why are they making it that way. You will never know; your child might come up with an idea for our future!

Shape Blocks

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Playing with shapes helps children to improve their mathematical skills, knowledge of geometry, weight, knowing shapes, and balance too.

Children are known for their short attention span, but with blocks, parents are helping their children to improve and prolong the children’s attention span. Let your children explore with the shape blocks and you will notice that every time they lay their hands on the blocks, their building will be more complex than before.

Playing with blocks boosts the children’s creativity because once the children have accomplishments (in building), children will be more confident to explore more creative ideas and continue to develop their creativity by doing this.

There are many manipulative toys that attribute great educational value available out there, but we want the children to think-out-of-the-box, that is what makes the difference after all. From assembling toys, cutting foods, constructing toys up to putting the right piece of the puzzle in its place, ALFA and Friends have it all for your children in our kid’s subscription box. The Spark Kit. Subscribe and prepare to be mind-blown with all of our STEM activities and experiments!

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