5 Practices to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Child

Ever worried that your children might grow distant from you? Building a strong relationship with your child would be the key to ensure a wholesome childhood that would shape who they become.

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1- Connect with Your Child Instead of the Internet

As much as technology is prevalent in our lives today, it’s important to remember that children need attention, and the attention we give them as parents is the biggest factor that influences their behaviour. In connecting with your children, it might be good to take some time off your devices, and them off theirs, to connect and bond with each other. Learn about their interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies or what to do in school. The number one key here is to connect with them – or in other words, disconnect; to connect.

2- Have More Conversations

In building a strong relationship with your children, it is important to have more conversations with them. For example, talk to them about actions and consequences. Or maybe start a routine where everyone talks about their day and what they did throughout their day. Children learn by example, and the burden is on the parents to lead by example.

3- Deal with Emotions

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Studies have shown that acknowledging and addressing emotions in children will help them in their mental growth. Forget about how boys don’t cry, and girls can’t fight. Whatever emotions your children might show is valid, and it is crucial to acknowledge that they are entitled to feel the way they feel. This would be a good time to teach them how they should react to these emotions and is good practice for parents to be transparent with their emotions as well.

4- Listening and Empathizing

Often times we find ourselves brushing off or delaying a response to when our children reach out to us, especially after a long day at work. Without us realizing, this habit would eventually be very detrimental to the parent-child relationship, and trusts would eventually fade. Learn to listen to your children and empathize with them, instead of reacting immediately to what you hear.

5- Play-Time

Spending time and doing activities together is a big aspect in building a strong relationship with your children. Simple activities such as teaching them how to ride a bicycle – or make house chores your playtime, like cooking and cleaning together would be enough to create a bond. If you wanted to break some routines, maybe try out a simple science experiment, like one of ALFA and Friend’s STEM Kit experiments that can easily be done at home, for example, in the Rubber Band Bird Kit, children learn about elasticity and bird flight where they make their own bird fly. Within the STEM Kit, they will also receive a copy of ALFA and Friends Comic magazine. For more information, head on to our shop.


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