There are days that we stuck inside the house despite of our love to sunshine and exquisite view of our environment. Don’t even get me started with the fresh air, so relaxing!


It might be because of the heavy rain, thunderstorms, school holidays or any reasons that make us stuck inside the house, proper planning of activities for the children are needed before the children become antsy or restless.

Here’s our list of ideas on what you can do with the children. Get inspired with the list and get everything ready, so when it comes to the time when you need to stay indoors, you are ready to get these activities going!

1- Galloping Horse

SuperHero Exploration Kit: Nation Hero | ALFAandFriends (7)

Sometimes, when you are force to isolate yourself at homes, food management is very crucial, especially during a pandemic. Is it difficult to make your children to understand we need to share food and manage them properly? Well, make it a game!

With Galloping Horse, children will visually see what will happen if there is any of the players become selfish and want to take all the food just for his own. Get Galloping Horse now, while stocks last! If you buy the box, you will get the chance to teach your children about natural disasters. Are you up for this challenge?

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2- Board Games

This is the time to wipe clean all the dust on the boxes of your board games collection. Do you want your children to sit still for one hour or more happily? This is the secret! If you want to enhance the language of your children, play Scrabble and Boggle.

If you want to enhance mathematical skills, go for board games that involve dice and money such as Monopoly, Snake and Ladder, Bunco and many more. If you don’t have any of these, it is high time for you to purchase some. By playing board games, children will be able to learn to be patient and obeying rules of the games played. Some games will need more than one hour to play, so have fun!

3- Twister

Spin the dial and twist everyone’s body parts. It will be fun, yes to that! But, if you have toddlers around, playing the actual Twister might not be suitable for them. What can you do? Use the Twister mat to teach about sorting and patterning activity.

Collect all items that have the same colours and ask the little ones to put the items on the correct circle based on the colours. Parents, are you planning a party for your children anytime soon? Using the Twister mat as a tablecloth seems to be a good idea if you want a colourful-themed party.

4- Hide and Seek (With a Blindfold)

7 Fun Indoor Games Parents Can Play With Children7 Fun Indoor Games Parents Can Play With Children7 Fun Indoor Games Parents Can Play With Children Hide Seek | ALFAandFriends

Playing hide-and-seek will be challenging if you have a limited area to hide. Why not change the game, get a blindfold and cover the eyes of the one who needs to seek? Please make sure you and your children have a code so you can make sure they do not stumble on your furniture.

Let the seeker guess who he/she got; this will heighten your children’s sense of touch. Hide-and-seek is not just a game; this will help your children to understand about taking turns and working together with the team (to find the best way to hide!).

5- Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt usually played outdoor, with an unlimited area to hunt objects. But now, with a little twist, prepare an indoor scavenger hunt activity for your children one night before you play the game with them. Prepare a list of objects that your children need to look for and give them some clues for each object.

To make it more interesting, prepare an irresistible reward that they will get excited such as choosing what to eat for dinner or make a “One Day Free of House Chores” ticket that they can use on you anytime they like. While they spending time looking for all the objects you hid a night before, you can spend some time planning the activities you can conduct for the rest of the week. Have fun little Detective Conan!

6- Reading…

ALFA and Friends STEM Comic - kids

Reading can help the children to know sounds, words and will get better knowledge. Indirectly, you are taking your children to an adventure by ready books, especially storybooks. Have you ever heard about the first Science comic magazine in Malaysia by Alfa and Friends?

Children are most likely to be attracted to comics because it makes them feel as if they are watching a cartoon on the book’s pages. Don’t leave your children to read alone, read together with them because children tend to copy what you are doing. You can spend a few hours on reading and sharing what books have you read during those few hours with your children, they have to do so too, of course.

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7- Fashion Makeover

7 Fun Indoor Games Parents Can Play With Children Fashion Makeover | ALFAandFriends

You know how make-ups excite women? They excite your little girls, too. It is the best time to do a fashion makeover with your girls when you are confined in your house for quite some time. Want to make everyone laugh hysterically in your house and get great pictures?

Do a make-up competition with the boys and their father. You’ll never know how good their motor skills are. Every great moment will need a sacrifice. In this matter, mommies, you may want to sacrifice some sets of your make-up for this makeover and competition session.

7 fun indoor games parents can play with children are listed here. If you find this list is interested and you are ready to do it, one day one activity will do as a boredom buster and energy burner for your children. Share you moments with us in our Facebook.

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